Sensors!! Are you ready for a rematch? Apparently the writers didn’t like the fact that the previous poll results favored Wicked Smart last time around. They have since demanded we regroup and preform a recount in our 7th week. Join Cici, Marakeshsparrow, and me as we go over more of our characters' brilliant and ridiculous moments in episodes 13 and 14 of Sensory Couple.

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Cici: Can I just say that I am extraordinarily pleased with how smart Cho Rim is proving to be? At the beginning of episode 13 I was so afraid that she would drink that coffee (DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AIDE!) I was also worried that she might have run to get the spy camera when she had the chance alone in the basement. Apparently she was thinking way faster than I was, and managed to get out of both tricky situations. Go, Cho Rim!

Firnlambe: Yes she was smart in episode 13 . . . then it rained in episode 14 . . . and it washed away all of her common sense. If she had just walked a little further on ahead she would have seen the scents hidden UNDER the tarp! Gah!! So frustrating.

Marakeshsparrow: I continue to question Cho Rim’s intelligence in general, haha. I thought she just caught a lucky break at the beginning of 13 and that she was possibly too scared to grab the camera. I could be wrong. But something that was really bothering me was that she kept approaching Murder Chef on her own. Luckily by the end Moo Gak convinced her not to be so reckless and they put together a plan to try to fool Chef, but I was like “REALLY Cho Rim? I know you’re upset about Lieutenant Yeom, but try to keep your head on straight!” I’m just glad we were wrong about her ending up in the white dungeon of doom.

Cici: I was more frustrated with the stupidity of Moo Gak. Yes, he’s adorable, and yes, he’s feeling super protective of Cho Rim, but honestly--why does she let everyone on the detective team know about her power if she’s not going to be allowed to use it? We could have eliminated several hours of tension if Moo Gak had taken her in with him when he went looking for Lieutenant Yeom in the basement.

Firnlambe: Honestly I don’t think she would have been able to “smell” her. Lieutenant Yeom was never brought in through the house, she came in via the secret passage. My issue lies with the Lieutenant more so than anyone else. She sees that Moo Gak is there and starts banging on the soundproof walls instead of banging on something that the soundproof walls wouldn’t be able to damper . . . let's say on--oooooh the food elevator shaft made of METAL for example.

Marakeshsparrow: Ooo! I hadn’t even thought of that! But you’re right, I kept thinking it was pointless to try to yell through the soundproof glass. ON THE OTHER HAND--that whole reveal that it was Lieutenant Yeom instead of Cho Rim who had been kidnapped was BRILLIANT. I was practically yelling at my screen in excited disbelief. I had a moment of doubt that the person he grabbed was Cho Rim, they wouldn’t show her face which I thought was odd. But I had no idea that Lieutenant Yeom had planned for something like that. The look on Murder Chef’s devious (yet handsome) mug when he saw he’d made a mistake . . . priceless.

Cici: I maintain that Lieutenant Yeom is the most intelligent one of the entire team. I loved how she managed to use a dab of perfume from the necklace Cho Rim had given her to put her scent on Murder Chef’s wrist. It would have been awesome even if it had only been a reversal of the traditional wrist grab, but to do it so sneakily . . . she’s brilliant. BTW, Firnlambe, remind me not to put you in my dungeon of doom. You are way too clever to be kept captive for long.

Firnlambe: I have my moments of brilliance don’t I . . . . since we’re still on the topic of the White Dungeon of Doom--was anyone, ANYONE else bothered by the fact that mere seconds after Lt. Yeom passes out from inhaling gas, our heroic Dragon and his youthful looking side kick, are able to just waltz in and INHALE THE SAME DAMN GAS!!! With not a single problem to be seen? No . . . no one else? just me? //sigh// I was ready to throw a pillow at my TV . . . so irrational.

Marakeshsparrow: Hahahahaha. Is this an instance of that Joseon Black Magic you always speak of? No, that really bothered me. I’m wondering if in the next episode there might be a complication from them breathing in the anesthetic. Because if not that’s RIDICULOUS. Maybe the writers are relying on the fact that they opened the door so there’s some ventilation. //shrugs//

Cici: Okay, I know I just touted Lieutenant Yeom as being so smart, but wasn’t there some way for her to block the anesthetic? Like stuffing the jacket she was wearing over the vent? Of course, he’d probably have just killed her right then anyway, but you never know. He does hate to get his hands involved. That being said, I thought it was interesting how she spent her time in the dungeon. It was pretty brilliant to write fictitious stories instead of her own memories, so that he would want to extend her time in order to get the real stuff from her. And her profile of him was spot on. ***See? He was abused by his adoptive parents.

Firnlambe: Stuffing the jacket into the vent would have been a good idea, but I doubt she would have been able to do it before the gas started seeping in . . . what she should have done is simply placed her hand over her mouth. Apparently that’s all you need to do if you want to avoid passing out (yes I’m going to hold that plot point over the writers, I don’t care if they come up with an explanation that makes logical sense next week.)

Cici: Was anyone else a little disappointed at the three questions that Lieutenant Yeom chose to ask? I was really hoping to find out about Murder Chef’s first murder, or to at least have him admit to killing his adoptive parents. I’m not sure anyone other than Cho Rim’s dad knows there’s another one, but I really want those two loose ends tied up.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m reeeeally hoping we get more on Murder Chef’s past and his M.O. I feel so unsatisfied by the reveal that he has his victims write their life stories in those journals so he can “own” their life. What led him to be this way? We’ve heard vague rumblings about him being abused by his adoptive parents, apparently he was kicked out of medical school, but is that all we’re going to get? I want an in-depth exploration through his psyche! Is that too much to ask? Haha. On a random note, I felt oddly sorry for Murder Chef in these episodes. I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense. But when he found out Cho Rim was on the side of the cops, he seemed pretty disappointed. Lol. Is it too late to root for him as a second love interest? (JUST KIDDING)

Firnlambe: Only because Creepy SLS is not an approved form of K-drama heartache. Either you’re the super nice and perfect, yet never gonna get the girl, type guy . . . OR you’re the Jerkface who wins her heart //pause// wait . . . I just realized that this series breaks that stereotype. Moo Gak is the super nice and perfect guy who DOES get the girl! lol

Cici: Well, I’d agree with you, but I sure wish the writers would quit with the fan service . . . or at least show us a little more of Moo Gak and a little less of Murder Chef. It’s distracting.

Firnlambe: I was about to shout “HOW DARE YOU!!” in protest at you not wanting any more fan service, but you redeemed your statement when you went on to say you wanted less of Murder Chef. Honestly though I thought they had the murder vibes and fluff balanced well, considering where we’re at in the overall story.

Cici: Ummm . . . there’s still been NO shower scene with Moo Gak. I rest my case.

Marakeshsparrow: Very true. I demand equality! We’ve seen shirtless Murder Chef all sweaty and what-not. Where’s my sweaty Micky?

Cici: There ya go.

Marakeshsparrow: Wahahahahaha! Perfect. I’m totally satisfied now. Anyway--to be fair, there were some super cute moments between Moo Gak and Cho Rim in these episodes. I love the way he teases her all the time. I guess that’s how he shows his affection. @.@ //heavy breathing//

Firnlambe: Yeah, they for sure swapped out sexy with aegyo with Moo Gak’s character. Which is a nice change of pace, not that I’m against the sexy look---heaven knows I’m NOT against smexy scenes---but I do like that it's just been a multitude of fluff this entire series.

Cici: For some reason I never realized that Yoochun could do aegyo so well . . . his recent roles have been so serious. This just proves his versatility and makes me love him all the more.


Marakeshsparrow: Ahhh! So cute! I was about to write something . . . and now my mind is a blank. Oh yeah! I like that we get to see the two sides of his character in this drama. He can be tough and serious with his police work, but he never fully loses his boyish charm. Yoochun is a master at turning on the charm with his characters. I have to say though, I’ve been super impressed by Murder Chef’s acting in this as well. He plays the disturbed sociopath to a “T” without going overboard and overacting. Kudos to Nam Goong Min!

Cici: He plays it so well because he emphasizes the intelligence that underlies his actions. I did think it was rather clever the way he went to the restaurant disguised as an old man and talked some homeless dudes into having a meal with him, just so he could spy on the reunion without being caught. I also enjoyed the way he played with the detectives staking out his house, telling them he was going to be at a book signing for four hours so they could get some rest. Why does he have to be so clever and likable when he’s not being all psychopathic?

Firnlambe: Few things: 1) How anyone was convinced that man looked “old” is beyond me. 2) I’m going to have to do some drama research and find a drama where Nam Goong Min gets the girl, because I really don’t like the fact that I like his character when he isn’t in Murder mode . . . it’s not fair to my K-drama heart.

Marakeshsparrow: Is it weird that I like him even when he’s being all murdery? Something about that evil look he gets in his eye . . .

Firnlambe: NO!!! RESIST!!! Stare into the Aegyo eyes of Moo Gak and come to your senses woman!!

Marakeshsparrow: //splashes cold water on self// Whoo! That was close! You’re right. Maybe I’ll stick to cute, safe Moo Gak for now.

Cici: Now that’s the most brilliant thing I’ve heard so far.

Well, this rematch was a certainly an intense one wasn't it?  Be sure to let us know in the comments how you feel things have been progressing so far. I'm sure with only one week left, things are bound to get even more convoluted than they've already become. Have our characters finally caught their bar-code killer or will Murder Chef slip away to fight another day? We look forward to reading all your comments, and you can bet that we're waiting with great anticipation for the final week to air. Also, don't forget to vote on which way you feel the scales tipped this time around in the poll below. Have the Crazy Stupid characters finally been able to out smart the Wicked Smart characters? There's no middle option this time around folks, so pick your favorite and let the best side win!

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