Warning: Spoilers! If you've been watching Sensory Couple, you know that Nam Goong Min has absolutely been killing it in his villainous role so far (pun intended). But what did the actor have to say about playing the big baddie?

Nam Goong Min ha been receiving a lot of praise for his work, and deservedly so. He explained his approach to the role in this way: “I’m just going with my guts. I’m trying my best to focus more on creating a mysterious mood by my gaze rather than my facial expressions." Well, he definitely has the "mysterious gaze" thing down. Every time that man stares at another character, my skin crawls!

Being the villain isn't easy, though. The actor went on to say, "Besides the acting, it’s the fact that I have no love line, let alone anyone on my side, that makes it a bit hard." Awww, poor guy! If only his character didn't love murdering people so much, he and his chocolate abs wouldn't have to be so lonely!

(Am I the only one conflicted about how much fan service they keep giving the serial killer? I mean, he's fit and all, but he's also a murderer....)

Maybe in his next series, he can go back to wooing hearts in a romantic role. In the meantime, you can enjoy his magnificent menace in the most recent episode of Sensory Couple: