Sensory Couple's Park Yoo Chun and fiancée Hwang Ha Na were supposed to marry on Sept. 10, 2017. They have postponed the private wedding ceremony to an unknown date, according to a representative from the actor’s agency, Star News reported.

The JYJ member and Ms. Hwang have been old friends, according to the report. She is the granddaughter of a Namyang founder. Namyang is one of the top three dairy product companies in South Korea. In March, the couple met with the parents to introduce the two families and started planning for the wedding. Hwang has been supportive of Park in the midst of the sexual assault controversy.

On Aug. 25, Park Yoo Chun was discharged from the 24-month-long military duties in Gangnam district office, upon which he apologized about the sexual assault issue but did not mention Ms. Hwang.

Park and Ms. Song, a bar hostess, have been involved in a series of sexual assault and defamation cases for a year. In June 2016, Ms. Song sued Park for sexual assault. The following month, Park sued Song for defamation and false accusations. Park was acquitted in March and Song in July 2017. Following Song’s acquittal, the prosecutor's office appealed the court’s ruling.

On Tuesday, Song’s case was heard for the second time at an appellate court, where the prosecutor's office argued, “(Song) couldn’t be raped in a small bathroom stall,” according to Dispatch. Public defender Lee Eun Ui said on behalf of Song, “Why does the prosecutor's office think a bathroom stall is too small for rape to happen? Then how does rape in car exist?”

The appellate court will share its ruling from Tuesday’s trial on Sept. 21.

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