Seo In Guk and Sooyoung recently confirmed that they will lead the cast of upcoming OCN series Police Unit 38Ma Dong Suk joins them in the comedic crime drama about con artists who team up with civil servants to catch tax evaders. 

Seo In Guk will play slick con artist Yang Dong Jo, who finds himself helping the tax collection department. Sooyoung will play Chan Sung Hee, an upright civil servant working on the tax evasion team, and Ma Dong Suk will play tax collection chief Baek Sung Il, who has an unlikely bromance with Dong Jo.

Together, the team will come up with various scams to go after the nation's most notorious tax evaders. So, basically it's Bad Guys but with less murder, like Bad Guys by way of American show White Collar? I'm sold!

Given the similar plot, it should come as no surprise that this drama comes from the writer/director team behind Bad Guys (which also included Ma Dong Suk in one of his best roles). Police Unit 38 is described as a comedy, however, so it will probably be a lot more lighthearted than the previous drama.

What do you think about this casting news and the plot synopsis? I find both Seo In Guk and Sooyoung immensely charming, so I have no doubt their onscreen chemistry will be off the charts. Toss in this writer/director team, and I'm officially counting down the days until the June premiere! 


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