Seo In Guk

Forever alone (trololol) Seo In Guk invited cameras into his place for the show I Live Alone, and took them on a small tour of how he lives the single life. I guess filming caused a craving for strawberries so he pulled a fresh carton out and washed them. Now, you know how they come in the plastic carton with the slits in them? He literally took the whole carton to the sink, let water run through it and considered them washed. Other cast members of the show who were viewing the clip seemed shocked that he washed the strawberries without taking them out of the carton.

Seo In Guk Strawberries

Ok, I'm gonna be totally honest and say I'm team Seo In Guk right now. I've actually washed fruit in a carton a few times like that, and I don't see the problem. Unlike Seo In Guk who keeps the carton closed, I at least open the top and let the water run through the fruit. Is this really bad? Do Seo In Guk and I need a lesson in washing fruit or are you just like us? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE