seoinguk Seo In Guk recently gave his two cents regarding relationships and blind dates. During an interview with Newsen, the singer/actor revealed that while chatting with members from MBC's I Live Alone, a variety show starring various celebrities who live—you guessed it—alone, the words "blind date" frequently pop up. He comments, "It's because excluding Lee Sung Jae and Kim Tae Won, all the members are single." The actor also said, "I have a pretty sensitive personality so I don't really like blind dates. Sometimes I would say I want to go on a blind date as a joke but I don't favor awkward meetings so I would not want to meet my other half through a blind date. I want to meet a good person in a natural way." In addition, Seo In Guk said that when guested on the radio show, SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time, he was asked if he would reveal his relationship status, and he answered, "No." He commented, "Of course I want to date the person I like. (But) I promised my fans that I would date secretly if I were to be in one." What do you think about celebrities keeping their relationships a secret? (Source: