seoinguk Seo In Guk revealed that he had shaved all of his private parts while filming Answer Me 1997. During an airing of MBC's I Live Alone, Seo In Guk explained why. He said, "There was a scene where I had to do a back tumbling while only wearing my underwear. The director suggested that I shave for the scene. I got curious as I was shaving only some parts. So I just shaved all the important areas." When listening to Seo In Guk's incident, Lee Sung Jae also told his side of the story and said, "I shaved when I was in Middle School. I was dying because it was so itchy." Meanwhile, Noh Hong Chul expressed his concern during the episode and said, "As I'm getting older, there is hair growing in places that I haven't seen. I'm growing hair in my ear, and there is a piece of eyebrow hair that keeps growing." Kangta agreed and commented, "There is hair growing on my cheek bones." (Source: Nate)