Actor Seo In Guk was rushed to a hospital this week after sustaining an eye injury during preparations for his upcoming K-drama The King's Face

While working at an action school in order to prep for scenes in the drama, Seo In Guk was accidentally hit in the face, which unfortunately resulted in one of his eyes swelling up. At that point, he was taken directly to the hospital, where, fortunately the injury turned out to not be serious. Seo In Guk's eye is going to be fine, but this is his second drama-related injury. Apparently, while filming the drama High School King of Savvy, "he injured his shoulder ligament." 

Along with Seo In Guk, Bad Guys' star Park Hae Jin was also rushed to the hospital earlier this week in a separate drama-related incident. Both Seo In Guk and Park Hae Jin's dramas are still airing as scheduled despite their recent injuries. 

We wish Seo In Guk and Park Hae Jin quick recoveries!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE