Singer Seo In Guk will knock on the door of the acting world with KBS‘s ‘Love Rain‘. Earlier today, the marketing team for ‘Love Rain’ stated, “Seo In Guk will transform into a law student named Kim Chang Mo who dominated music cafes in the 70′s. The character is a romanticist, crazy about guitar and music. Seo In Guk even gained weight to portray a optimistic yet lazy character.” Seo In Guk shared about his thoughts on this new challenge, “I really wanted the role as Kim Chang Mo. I went into it with the thought ‘Let’s not show Seo In Guk in Kim Chang Mo.’ I even tried hard to walk like Kim Chang Mo. Because I’m so engaged in the character, the fans are disappointed at seeing someone so different from the Seo In Guk they used to know, but that’s the exact response I wanted.” Read more on Allkpop.