seoinguk6Many Korean stars have their own ways of showing their love for their fans. For example, Lee Min Ho was recently reported to have given out "hand-holding" fan service during a fan meet, leaving fans extremely happy. Singer/actor Seo In Guk showed his love for his fans at his fan signing event. However, Answer Me 1997's hit actor kept it mysterious and lowered his sunglasses for the fans who asked to see his eyes. seoinguk5Seo In Guk also added a killer smile, melting away his fan's heart. seoinguk4The actor doesn't shy away from staring contests either. seoinguk3 seoinguk2Lastly, firing his hand-gun that shoots out Seo In Guk's love! seoingukWhat do you think about Seo In Guk's fan service? (Source: