Actress and talent Seo Yu Ri surprised MC Park Myung Soo when she candidly admitted to enjoying sexy cosplay on the February 18 broadcast of Happy Together!

On the program, Park Myung Soo commented that he had found a lot of sexy photos of Seo Yu Ri online and proceeded to inquire when she had started liking cosplay. To this, Seo Yu Ri disclosed that she had always enjoyed cospalying from the very beginning.

Seo Yu Ri went on to explain that through her portrayals of various sexy characters on SNL Korea, she had naturally come to embrace the sexy side of cosplay more and more.

(2014 Maxim Korea Volumes A – E)

Park Myung Soo got laughs when he asked Seo Yu Ri to cosplay more often in the in the future, but he did not seem to be joking!

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