Just late last week, Seohyun appeared on a popular Korean TV show and dropped a bombshell, revealing that she used to date a celebrity. Though she ended up not giving away who the gentleman was, she did give away some hints. So who is this ex-lover of hers, anyway?

When it was Seohyun's turn to talk about her dating life on "A Hyung I Know," she had no idea that she'd end up starting a fan investigation of her romantic past. As part of a discussion on the show, she was asked if she was currently single, to which Heechul from Super Junior interrupted, "I don't think she's ever been in a relationship." Right away, Seohyun corrected him. "That's not true!" As other members of the show pressed her, the star even claimed that the breakup caused her to shed some tears. So the relationship she was in was pretty serious, too.

And not only was it serious, but her better half was apparently a celebrity. When asked if he was "still active," Seohyun asked for clarification, and when it was made clear that the question asked to her was indeed about whether or not her ex-boyfriend was still active as a celebrity, her answer was, "He's retired from the industry right now." Oops! Now she's got everyone wondering. 

If she was ever taken into custody by the police, Seohyun would definitely fold under questioning.