Seolhyun is CeCi magazine's November model! This is the very first time the Gangnam Blues actress has graced the cover of the popular trend magazine by herself. For her exciting new solo cover, she wore a pretty pink coat, pink shoes, and short white socks. The idol looked like a girl in a fairytale sitting in front of beautiful green shrubby. For the rest of the hot pictorial, Seolhyun also wore a sexy black mini dress, red and green mini skirt, striped mid-drift sweater and a dark blue cardigan with the word "love" written all over it. 

She explained in an exclusive interview with the publication that she was jealous of past models but felt the pressure when it was her turn.

“I really envied the girls on magazine covers when I was young. I’m really happy that I got this chance pretty quick, but I’m also a bit pressured since there are many honorable people who were on the cover of CeCi Magazine," the 20-year-old said.

Obviously, she had nothing to worry about because her hard work as an idol has definitely paid off. The CeCi editor was very impressed by her growing popularity.

“I got a sense of how popular Seolhyun was when I uploaded the photos, and they became the center of news articles in seconds," they shared.

The entire interview and additional photos are featured in the November issue of CeCi

Watch Seolhyun in Orange Marmalade:

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