Seolhyun wants to pave her own path. The Orange Marmalade actress opened up yesterday at the press conference for her supernatural TV series about her celebrity nickname and overcoming the haters. After being asked how she felt about being referred to as the "2nd Suzy", the AOA singer gave the following response: "It seems like a lot of people see me as the second Suzy, and I'm thankful for that. Rather than describing me with embellished words, I hope people will see me as me."

She considers her first leading role to be a lot of responsibility, but it's an opportunity she didn't want to miss. Seolhyun also plans to prove to the haters just how wrong they are. "Even before the drama started [production], there were a lot of negative comments about me. With the thought that if I work hard, people will recognize me, I am working my hardest now," she confirmed.

I wonder if her nickname is partly due to the fact that she played Lee Min Ho's little sister in Gangnam Blues? I know she probably doesn't want her talent compared the the Miss A member, but many fans would love to be in Suzy's shoes as the official girlfriend!

Her upcoming KBS drama Orange Marmalade is about a teenage boy and a female vampire falling in love and attempting to end the feud between humans and vampires. The series also stars Yeo Jin Goo and CNBlue's Lee Jong Hyun. It premieres on May 18 on DramaFever. 

Watch the latest trailer for Orange Marmalade:

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