Seolhyun is getting real with High Cut! The Gangnam Blues actress recently chatted with the trendy publication like a best friend. She opened up about her post-debut diet struggles and how the haters have affected her. 

"In the past, my thighs and butt stressed me out. I wanted to be stick skinny," she honestly admitted. "But at some point, others accepted my complex as something unique and liked it. I think my standard (of beauty) has changed."

The 20-year-old idol had this to say about negative feedback: "I get a lot of malicious comments these days. I have a timid personality, so I read all of the comments. I′ve become more careful because of it. I′m gradually becoming smaller."

It is heartbreaking to see our favorite stars suffering. Whether it be extreme diets or malicious comments online, fans need to unite to let their stars know they love them just the way they are. Supportive messages from true fans are the best way to combat the negative. 

In the Issue 161 of High Cut, Seolhyun also modeled current fall fashions that were tailor-made to hug her coveted curves. Seolhyun's black crop top, skinny jeans, and red coat made her look holiday-ready in the featured photo.

In light of her struggles, how do you combat negativity in your life?

Watch Seolhyun in Orange Marmalade:

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