Recently, Seolhyun from girl group AOA has been taking a lot of heat because of her mistake on an episode of the variety show Channel AOA. When Seolhyun was unable to answer a Korean history question on the show, it changed the nation's image of her forever, even causing the Visit Korea Committee to delete promotional photos featuring her.   

The Visit Korea Committee, in charge of promoting tourism in the country, chose Seolhyun (who rose to stardom as an 'advertising queen') and Lee Min Ho as its representative promoters. As the promotional faces of Korean tourism, Seolhyun and Lee Min Ho were set to advertise Korea as a tourist destination until the year 2018. 

However, after the episode aired, in which Seolhyun was unable to recognize Ahn Jung Jeun (a freedom fighter who assassinated Hirobumi Ito in 1909), she lost the nation's respect and caused a national controversy over her lack of knowledge regarding Korean history.

Most Koreans have voiced the opinion that, as a representative for Korean tourism, Seolhyun should be familiar with important historical figures.  Criticism from netizens have been particularly strong with many asserting that, “It makes no sense that she’s in charge of teaching others about Korea when she doesn’t know Korean history."  

Due to this controversy, the Visit Korea Committee has decided to delete all photos of its ambassador Seolhyun from the official website's main page and its social networking services. 

Despite the removal of photos, a representative from the Committee has stated, "We have no plans to replace her as a tourism ambassador.” The representative added, “Seolhyun was appointed as a tourism ambassador based on her contributions and her talents. The images being deleted has nothing to do with a replacement.”  

Do you think that Seolhyun's photos should have been deleted? Was her mistake that grave? Let us know your thoughts below! 


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