20130419000321_0 In a city council meeting on Wednesday in capital city of Seoul, the music video for Psy's newest single "Gentleman" was a topic of serious discussion. Up for debate: the un-gentlemanly public conduct depicted in the video—in particular, scenes in which Psy is seen dancing in the library, and kicking over a traffic cone. City Councilman Jung Sae Hwan commented, “Psy is dancing in the library. When foreigners see this music video there is no guarantee that they won’t be compelled to go to the Seoul Metropolitan Library and dance and take pictures with their smartphones." He continued, “Through this video, the public may get the idea that running around in the library is okay.” He then drew an analogy to an iconic scene in the American classic film Roman Holiday, where Audrey Hepburn sits on the Spanish Steps in Rome eating ice cream. Tourists from all over flock to this area to reenact the scene, even though food and drink are expressly prohibited. Because of the scene in which Psy is seen kicking over a traffic cone, state-funded network KBS has decided not to air the video, saying "it is against our policy to broadcast the destruction of public property. As public broadcasters, there are concerns that this could have a negative impact on the public.” YG Entertainment, Psy's agency, has said that they will not ask KBS to reconsider their decision, nor will they make any changes to the video itself. The music video continues to do exceptionally well internationally, with roughly 160 million views on YouTube. What do you think of the city council and KBS's reactions to Psy's behavior in this video? (Source: www.koreaherald.com)