Hollywood blockbuster movie 'Avengers: The Age of Ultron (Avengers 2)' will begin shooting in Seoul on March 30th on Mapo Bridge. Park Won Soon, the Mayor of Seoul said that he would give his full support to the entire filming process.

The Mayor emphasized how important the film industry is to introducing the city of Seoul. He said, "This time, 'Avengers 2' will be filmed in Seoul. I and the Seoul police will give our full support to the movie. Seoul supported 252 movies last year, and among those movies there were 16 foreign movies. Supporting movies which are filmed in Seoul is what we do to introduce our Seoul, so how can we be lazy to help them?’

He added, "I will actively attract famous directors and production companies to make many good movies to be filmed in Seoul. Last time, I recived a promise from Chinese director Zhang Yimou that his next movie would be shot in Seoul."

The Mayor uploaded the comment along with a picture that showed the Avengers 2 filming schedule. The schedule details the 'Avengers 2' shooting dates in Korea, which will be from March 30th to April 13th. During the period, the movie’s locations will be Seoul for 10 days and in Gyeonggi-do for 2 days. The main shooting sites are Mapo Bridge, Cheongdam Bridge, Floating Island, DMC in Sangam, Ttukseom Hangang Riverside Park, the GangNam intersection, and the shopping district.

'Avengers 2' is drawing increasing attention in Korea after K-actress Kim Soo Hyun confirmed that she will star in the movie in a substantial support role.

Who else is excited for the movie?