September 29th was the official "Day of the Fortune Cat" in Japan. Though not a national holiday, the day was dedicated to Maneki Neko, the cat who brings good fortune to all.

Maneki Neko, depicted in all statues with one paw always calling for good fortune, was celebrated yesterday in Japan. This cat is often seen at entrances to establishments or homes. With Maneki Neko around, good fortune is sure to follow.

Because this cat almost has a deity-like presence in Japan (though a little more lighthearted), there is a store that sells all things affiliated with this fortune feline. They sell statues in all shapes, sizes and colors, along with every other type of memorabilia you can imagine. The store, located in Tokyo, has been around since the late 1800s. With a day being dedicated to celebrate the cat, the store is now doing a lot of business. It probably doesn't hurt that inside the store there are hundreds of statues that are meant to bring good fortune to whoever owns them.

Would be nice to have one in my apartment.

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