What does a ridiculously good looking man do when he is dumped? Go to Jeju Island, of course! Welcome, Drama Fans, to the review of One Sunny Day, the web drama starring So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won. Join Wendilynn, June, and Taleena as we discuss the highlights of the series.

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Taleena: OK ladies I have got to start with calling this the Anti Drama because it is just an excuse to pal around Jeju Island with a slightly heart broken So Ji Sub.

June: I agree but man I enjoyed it so much. Props for whoever made this drama because it made me want to go to Jeju Island so bad. Like I wanted to go before but now it’s been intensified. Also, So Ji Sub needs to be there when I visit so that I can bump into all the time like this drama.

Wendilynn: I love that we’re calling it the anti drama. That just makes me laugh so much. This drama is so sweet and heartwarming and doesn’t have any of that craziness that infests the longer dramas. So Ji Sub even jokes about it later on and so I think it’s hilarious to call it such.

Taleena: That’s not to say it doesn’t indulge a little bit in drama tropes, but it does it in very tongue in cheek kind of ways. In particular was a scene where he thinks he sees the lead girl in the rain and it turns out to be someone else. They subvert everything ever so slightly.


June: I think that’s why I liked this web drama so much because it skips over all the unnecessary drama that longer dramas have. I think that’s the fun part of web series, which I can totally get into. Lol

Wendilynn: I’m coming to really love the web dramas. This one is perfect to fit in when you need something sweet and funny to watch and you don’t have a lot of time. I laughed so much watching this one. She was constantly embarrassing herself and how she handled it was so real. lol

Taleena: She had foot in mouth disease pretty badly - especially after walking in on him in the shower. I will say that I am glad they kept the realism high - no amnesia, no chaebols, more than slightly introverted (if unrealistically handsome) guy. Nothing contrived past the point of credulity. One thing that I really loved was - it showed what happens to these poor guys who are the “thirds” in the love triangle.

June: Yes!! It was so refreshing seeing this is a drama. It seems like we always get some over the top storylines and nothing is really realistic. I personally loved this female character. She was so funny and real. #BlessHer

Wendilynn: Both characters were really good. You are right Taleena, we don’t often get the odd man out story line and here was one who was quietly trying to recover. He wasn’t very talkative, but his quiet smiles when she would put her foot in her mouth showed that he had a fun sense of humor about the whole situation they found themselves in. The other things that really struck me was the table manners on display in this drama. I’m not sure why this was something I noticed, but they wouldn’t even eat when the ahjumma was talking to them at the bed and breakfast place. Their manners were almost exquisite.


Taleena: All the relationships in this drama had a depth to them that I enjoyed. OKAY, maybe not the one dude who played everyone in that little Jeju town - although I loved him as the cop personae eating ramen. But Rose the hostel keeper, was funny and sweet and full of poignancy. The hints of her hard life and perseverance made the stories and jokes that much more amusing. Also, Lee Jong Hyuk as So Ji Sub’s boss/best friend struck just the right notes. I really believed these guys had that friendship.


June: See I knew I wasn’t going crazy with that one dude! I literally was thinking is that the same guy?! The one thing that really love about dramas and something that always stays with me are the friendships. If a drama can make me believe the friendship is real, then they’ve done a good job. (well most of the time! lol)

Taleena: I loved how they didn’t even explain it away.

Wendilynn: It was a lot of fun seeing that same actor pop up as the various officials in JeJu. I love stuff like that. Two other cameos i enjoyed were Ha Jae Sook as the lead girl’s best friend who tried to hook up with So Ji Sub at the matchmaker hostel. And also Lee Jong Hyun as the guy who just wanted to spend the first day of his romantic weekend in the hotel watching TV. lol

Taleena: I believe his official billing is as “couple guy”. Heh heh. I loved Ha Jae Sook ever since I saw her as Myung Ran in Protect the Boss. I just pictured her as the exact same character friends and terror of their high school. I have a burning question though.... WHO is this paragon that someone dumped So Ji Sub over??!! This is the most unbelievable part of the show. Some questions will never be answered I fear.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! It does seem impossible.

June: Seriously, I just can’t even imagine that.

Taleena: So ladies, final recommendations? Star rating? On a scale of 1-10 how close are you to buying your tickets to Jeju in the hopes that beautiful Korean men are so thick on the ground that you will run into one and begin a breathless romance?

June: I would definitely recommend this web series, it’s exactly how I like my dramas: short and sweet. We skip over all the unnecessary drama and get to the good stuff. Plus, it’s just so nice and mellow and I’m having some serious hair and clothes envy from Kim Ji Won. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 20+! Book me on the next flight to Jeju Island now!! Go, go!!

Wendilynn: LOL! I know I want to buy a ticket. I’m afraid I did not miss the betraying best friend trying to steal the guy or the conniving mother-in-law trying to protect her baby from the selfish gold-digger. I mean, without all the angst we were just left with a delightfully sweet drama to pass the time with. I even loved the little twist at the end. (shhhh, not telling)

Taleena: I loved this so much I can’t even express it. It was the perfect drama to keep my appetite whetted for the up coming So Ji Sub/Shin Min Ah drama this December. I just wanted to watch So Ji Sub run around under a rabbit umbrella all day long.


That’s it drama fans: three out of three reviewers loved this drama. Tell us what you think! Did you love it as much as we did? Don’t give away the ending in the comments and have a nice autumn day with So Ji Sub - you deserve it.