Heirs star Lee Min Ho has just revealed to the universe that he has insecurities and doesn’t think he’s handsome. During an interview on the show One Night of TV Entertainment, Lee Min Ho was asked if he thought he was handsome or not, and being either a humble or insecure person, he said no. To top it all off he went on to point out the features he’s not too fond of which are his entire face and double eyelids.

Hmm, I think it’s great to be humble, but I can’t stand when these hot guys are like “Ohhh no, I’m not good looking at all” and then ramble on about all their insecurities; like half of them are better looking than most girls! (-_-) Sometimes I think it’s okay to say you’re good looking. No one is asking you to proclaim you have looks that will stop a parade and cause countries to go to war over, but it’s totally cool to just own it and be like “Why yes, I do think I’m good looking, but of course I also have insecurities.” That’s like the safe way of being confident yet still staying humble.

These are moments I think more people should be like Super Junior's Kim Heechul. He’s one person who has no problem whatsoever admitting that he’s good looking when asked. Besides, I’m pretty sure no one is going to attack Lee Min Ho for saying he’s an attractive person when everyone already thinks he’s one anyway. #LeeMinHoJustSayYouLOOKGOOD

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE