How do you know you have made it as a superstar in the world of Korean dramas? Simple really—just see if you can crash a website with the sheer number of your fans. 

Actor Park Hae Jin (Cheese in the Trap) has captured the hearts of many viewers from around the globe—so much so that his popularity has prompted the formation of a new international fan club. However, when the application went live, many fans were faced with disappointment as the bombardment of applications brought down the servers hosting the site. All you fans of Park Hae Jin out there, have no fear—the site is now back up and running and you still have time to become a member! 

Actor Park Hae Jin's international fan club "Club Jin's" opened for applications last Monday. According to Mountain Movement Entertainment, around 2,000 fans from over 20 countries have already signed up to join the club. While the actor's home page was bombarded with so many applications for the club that its server went down, it is now back up, and applications for the club can be filled out until June 20th. However, the club will not officially begin until September 2016.


Besides showing their support for Park Hae Jin, club members will also be able to enjoy many perks. So far, the benefits that have been revealed include:

  • The exclusive viewing of a webtoon about Park's life that will be published in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English starting July
  • Free goods and raffled tickets for Park Hae Jin's events
  • (pending) Mountain Movement Entertainment is in negotiations with different brands endorsed by Park to offer discounts to Club Jin's members

If you just can't get enough of Park Hae Jin, make sure to apply for Club Jin's before it's too late!  


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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