The manga-based Taiwanese romantic comedy drama Absolute Boyfriend will start showing on DramaFever on October 9. In the meantime, let Jiro Wang sing one of the most popular songs from the drama series for you.

Jiro Wang is a hot Taiwanese singer-actor who is also a model. He has a degree in advertising design. Many of you may recall that Jiro Wang is a member of the super popular and award-winning Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, which also includes another hot Taiwanese singer-actor: Aaron Yan. These days, the Fahrenheit members have busy individual projects, but they get together occasionally for promotional appearances.

Here's Jiro singing "Pretend We Never Loved," and there is another video where Jiro performed the song at a promotional event for Absolute Boyfriend. (The English subtitles are translated by a fan.)

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In the drama, Jiro Wang plays an android man who's designed to match Gu Hye Sun's requirements, and of course he comes with a perfect physique. When I saw a video where Jiro performed this song on stage, I couldn't resist peeking at his abs to see if they really look as lean and mean as in the drama. Well, here's the second video where you can see for yourself.

The second video is not subbed. Jiro was introduced by his Chinese name, Wang Dong Cheng. He comes on stage and calls himself Mr. Perfect because that's what he is, the Absolute Boyfriend. Here he will sing "Pretend We Never Loved."

Jiro Wang is a popular leading man in many dramas and movies. On DramaFever, we can also find him in co-star roles in these other dramas: It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again. In 2013, he was voted the #1 male star that female students most wanted to date in Taiwan. In a 2014 Perfect Men vote that included actors from both Taiwan and China, he was #6.

Did you like this song and Jiro Wang's performance? The first 5 episodes of Absolute Boyfriend will start showing on DramaFever on October 9. Visit HERE to sign up for new episode alerts.