Lee Min Ho has a new pictorial in fashion magazine High Cut that exudes his manly sexy charisma, a change over his pretty-boy image ever since he took on the gritty Gangnam 1970 movie project. However, he has no time for love, as he explained in the interview. One thing is for sure: just looking at him will light up a fire in our hearts to keep us warm in the cold season.

Lee Min Ho told High Cut that he does not want to be fixed in a single image when the topic came to the "Four New Hallyu Kings," referring to himself along with fellow actors Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. He said, "I think being fixed in a single image is not a good thing for anyone. I sometimes feel like it’s a bit too much, us being only labeled as Hallyu actors. On the other hand, the fact that we, as young actors, are linked by this, making our own image, is something to be energized by as well.”

When asked about his dating life, the 27-year-old hot guy said, “I do not think that I can spare enough time to commit myself to a loving relationship. I do want to love someone, but even if I had a girlfriend now, I would feel like we were just casually dating rather than really in love.”

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His fans would probably agree that it's difficult for him to maintain a relationship with his hectic schedule and constant demands from his job as a star. Besides, it will take a very special person to withstand the scrutiny from Lee Min Ho's fans if such a relationship is revealed to the public.

Now I feel really sad for the lonely dream lover in every Minoz fan's heart. Don't you wish you could give him a hug?