IVY cover Good news! IVY has released a new album, I Dance, which is now available, both on- and off-line. Following her previous songs, "What Happened Tonight," "Temptation of a Sonata," "Touch Me," the singer has shown both powerfulness and sexiness. In preparation for this album, IVY received wholehearted support from the nation’s best JYP producer, Park Jin Young, to be able to show a more evolved charm. Park Jin Young who produced IVY’s debut song "What Happened Tonight," ranked her as a sexy singer, coining the phrase "IVY Syndrome." This is his first time collaborating with IVY in 8 years. Having the same name as the new mini album, title song, "I Dance" is a mixture of three distinct genres: tango, hip-hop, and electronica. An experimental song, is also features Wonder Girls' Yoo Bin’s rapping, adding a sophisticated charm. Also different from her previous albums, throwing away the overly exaggerated performances, the lyrics are based on the understated choreography, creating a classier look from the existing performance, and sparking attention. Especially upon revealing the first stage of the new song "I Dance" on June 8 on SNL Korea, the song took over all real-time search engines, and will likely blast up the music charts. Check out IVY's new dance MV here: (source: naver news, youtube)