EXP Edition’s Feel Like This is catchy as hell! The all American K-pop group dropped the m/v and made a Korean debut on April 17, 2017. Here are the details you need:

They can sing, right? Feel Like This is available on eight of Korea’s music sites including Melon, Bugs, and Never Music.

EXP is a self-proclaimed K-pop group comprised of four American members: Hunter, Koki, Frankie, and Sime. The band was born in New York City as a Columbia University graduate student’s social experiment—hence the name EXP.

Since the Feel Like This teaser came out last week, EXP has triggered some controversial but important conversations left and right.

From the comments sections of BuzzFeed and Allkpop, people couldn’t agree on a simple question: What constitutes K-pop?

K-pop is no longer for the Korean ears only. K-pop has expanded its national boundary and evolved into a genre of its own. In that sense, EXP, a social experiment by birth, is a form of K-pop’s globalization.

What are your thoughts on K-pop, EXP, and its new m/v? We’d love to know!

Photo courtesy of IMMABB.

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