The boys of SF9 are officially idols!

Today, FNC Entertainment completely took K-Pop fans by surprise with their first male dance group's edgy and raw sound in "Fanfare". In their debut music video, SF9 are the ultimate bad boys on the outside, but sweethearts to the core. They seem to be on the run while they write graffiti on walls and sit in detention. Nonetheless, the boys are hungry for their fans adoration, and their fresh dance moves prove it.

Watch them dance their way into K-Pop fans' hearts through the video below: 

I'm in love with SF9 and their choreography! This debut proves they have such a bright future in the industry. Fellow boy groups like EXO and BTS move over because SF9 is very stiff competition. Their debut mini album Feeling Sensation hit stores today. 

What do you think of the Click Your Heart stars' debut? 

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Source: SF9's YouTube Channel


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