The group will have to go on without Taeyang for the time being.

During rehearsal for SF9's debut performance of "Fanfare" on SBS MTV The Show, the 19 year-old rookie idol suffered an injury that forced him to stay seated during the live show. Today, a source from FNC Entertainment confirmed the singer's impairment and gave fans an update on his condition. 

“SF9’s Taeyang suffered an injury during rehearsal for The Show. He is currently receiving treatment for a problem regarding his right knee cartilage He will temporarily halt activities and focus on treatment until he recovers. We plan on doing our best so that he can quickly rejoin the team after recovering.”

His fellow members Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyun, DawonRowoonJuho, Hwiyeong, and Chani will probably continue their Feeling Sensation album promotions in his honor and keep their fans encouraged. The Click Your Heart stars are working so hard since their October 5 debut. They have showcased flawless performances on the weekly music shows, entertained on Arirang Radio's Kpoppin and earned the title of Global Idols after they entered Chinese Top 10 Charts. It's a shame that Taeyang has to sit out of performances during the most memorable time in his band's career. Hopefully, he will recover soon and join them for their future comeback performances.

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Sources: Via Via/ Image Credit: FNC Entertainment


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