In the past few years, many Japanese have utilized cleaning robots to clean the floor of their homes. Now these robots will talk to you while cleaning. And she's made to sound like a sweet, little sister.

SHARP, one of Japan's leading electronic makers, has developed a new version of 'Robot Appliance: COCOROBO.' The difference between this COCOROBO and the older model is that you can talk to her while she's cleaning! The previous model is shaped the same, a round electrical cleaner that glides across the floor on it's own. It finds its way through open spaces, sweeping up dust and making the floor look immaculate. She was able to say a few words, but lacked the capacity to have an actual conversation.

This COCOROBO does a lot more than that. She has artificial intelligence, she will actually communicate with you through the use of lights and words. She will let you know how much charge she has left, how she's doing and update you on the status of your room! With the earlier COCOROBO, many users grew quite attached to her, and revealed their desire to be able to converse with her more to SHARP, which then developed the new 'premium version.' SHARP even went as far as to create a COCOROBO character, so users have a face to go with the voice. She is supposed to be as sweet as the little sister you never had, or sweeter than the one you have if you do.

COCOROBO asks that you name her whatever you like, because she wants you to be comfortable having her be a part of your family. She is generally happy, but admits that she's pretty moody. Her hobbies are cleaning and talking. She likes geography, and can answer questions you may have about cities and prefectures. Ask her what you should eat, and she can recommend 80 different meals. She also loves fishing, and she'll tell you anything about any type of fish. Controlled through wi-fi, she can even turn your other electrical appliances on and off for you while you're not even home!

For now, she's only on trial. Interested buyers must apply to SHARP before March 31st to be selected as a tester, and if they're lucky, they'll have a new little sister to clean for them and keep them company.