Hot leading man Shawn Dou is getting rave reviews for his role as the warrior Muru Han Jiang in the fantasy romantic drama Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy. But, did you know the popular actor originally wanted to play a different character? Which one was it, and why did he change his mind?

There are three leading-men characters in Tribes and Empires: Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan), Muru Han Jiang (Shawn Dou), and Shuofeng He Ye (Zhou Yi Wei).

Muyen Sheng is the neglected half-human prince who is burdened with the prophesy that he will bring chaos to the Great Duan Dynasty. Muru Han Jiang is also cursed with a prophesy that he will become a new emperor, effectively competing with whoever is the Duan emperor. Shuofeng He Ye is the descendant of a once great nomadic tribe and has sworn to reunite all the tribes to establish a permanent new kingdom.

These vividly portrayed characters are moving along an unavoidable arc drawn by destiny, and naturally they are all coveted roles that strong actors would aspire to play. 

But, according to Shawn, he originally wanted to play Shuofeng He Ye, and the reason is quite surprising.

Here's what he said, as summarized from his two interviews:

When I saw the script, I was really attracted to the hot-blooded Shuofeng He Ye and his powerful weapon, the Giant's Ax. When I told the director, he looked at me for a while and calmly said, "Take a look at the script again. The story is about three young men. Muyun Sheng is set to be played by Huang Xuan. The other two are not decided yet. How about you consider Muru Hang Jiang?"

I said, "No! I like that bloody ax."

The director then old him that Muru Han Jiang also carried a special weapon, the Bone Chiller Sword.

The director must have been persuasive, as it turned out. We now know Zhou Yi Wei plays Shuofeng He Ye and has even become the top searched actor because viewers are intrigued by his enigmatic performance.

However, Shawn Dou's Muru Han Jiang definitely has a unique sword, and there is no shortage of martial arts fighting for him.

Muru Han Jiang has also evoked our emotional support as the lonely warrior who was abandoned by his own family since childhood due to the prophesy. He has also been reluctant to express his love and longing for Su Yu Ning (Xu Lu), the young woman who is destined to become the empress to the Duan emperor.

Is the future really dictated by prophesies?

Let's continue to watch the phenomenal Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy:


Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - 九州·海上牧云记

Starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou

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Wasn't that revelation interesting? Do you think Shaw Dou should have played Shuofeng He Ye?

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