Is there anyone who doesn't fall for hot leading man Shawn Dou? After breaking our hearts in Princess Agents and Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy, he will now make it up to us by wooing us in See You Again, a brand new and modern romantic drama. Let's take an advance look!

DramaFever fans won't just see Shawn Dou in modern attire, we'll also see him co-starring Tiffany Tang (The Princess Weiyoung) as his new leading lady. The two stars should match very well as an on-screen pair.

The story has a dreamy element that transports Tiffany Tang's character to go back in time and meet Shawn Dou. (Who wouldn't want to have such a dream?)

What will happen to them? Will she return to real time and see Shawn Dou again?

Here's an initial trailer:

Watch a fun behind-the-scenes clip:

That clip seems to suggest a happy ending?

Let's hope so!

See You Again is coming to DramaFever. Stay tuned.

Are you excited about seeing Shawn Dou again? I know I certainly am!

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