Many people hope for a magical and meaningful wedding full of fond memories. For one brave Chinese woman, it was much more than that. Marrying her true love has given her the strength to believe in her fight to battle a brain tumor.

Feng Ying, age 23, was diagnosed with glioma, a type of brain tumor, in 2011 and had an operation to remove the tumor. Her family had some 200,000 yuan from relatives and friends to help pay off the medical expenses. In 2013 the tumor relapsed.

She let her parents know that they should not mourn for her and that she would like to donate her cornea and kidney to those in need. Hope had dwindled until she met Yang Haibin, 24, a modest post office worker.

These two met online on the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day, the Qixi Festival, and immediately the chemistry set in. The next day they met in person and it was love at first sight. In the beginning, Feng did not want to lead on Yang what with her condition, but he was insistent on the budding relationship. Much to the disagreement of many of those close to Yang, he decided that he wanted to marry Feng.

Many heard about their story and strangers’ donations and TV crews began pouring in on their wedding day. An old man who resides in a nearby county came to the wedding to encourage Feng in her fight against cancer and to support their special day. She was moved to tears by all the generosity she received.

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The People’s Liberation Army Navy General Hospital in Beijing offered to waive the cost of surgery only two days after their wedding. The two are also in the process of applying for funding from the American Brain Tumor Association in the United States after a tip from a Chinese-American. Though her tumor has slowly worn away memories and blurs her vision, she no longer has to fight it alone. With the love of her life at her side, she continues to bravely press on.