Welcome Drama lovers to the final Drama Club for the adorable She Was Pretty. We had happy endings all around and the feels were warm and fuzzy. Hye Jin and Sung Joon wrapped us up in their arms and let us feel till our hearts wanted to burst. Shin Hyuk still tried to steal the show as we find out just what he said to Hye Jin and Ha Ri puts on a smile and conquers hearts anyway. Join Cici, Drama Debussie and I, Wendilynn as we say goodbye to this lovely drama.

Cici: So...about Shin Hyuk. That was the only part of this wind-up episode that left me unsatisfied. I need to know more! It may have been an appropriate treatment of the second male lead, but it just didn’t feel right to leave him travelling in limbo somewhere.

Wendilynn: At least they let us know what he said the Hye Jin. I have to admit, I will probably not look at pickled radish the same way the whole time Siwon is gone on his military service.

SWP  radish.jpg

Drama Debussie: Shin Hyuk’s story was certainly left open-ended, but there was something that felt fitting about it. He’s something of a wandering, free-spirited soul, so knowing that he’s basically wandering around the world seemed plausible. Of course, it would have been more satisfying if they at least gave us some hope on the romance end. Even Ha Ri got herself a possible noona romance going. Not enough to make me stop wishing they had somehow paired her with Shin Hyuk but I know I have to finally let that one go.

Cici: One last comment about Shin Hyuk. I loved how he dedicated his new book to his best friend, Jackson. It maintained that connection while also keeping it an inside joke.

Wendilynn: Yeah, it did. As for Ha Ri’s noona romance, that was so flipping cute. He was just adorable. Here she is trying to get through her certification and there’s this puppy following her around. I have to say that while I also wished that Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk could have gotten together, I really liked that she took ownership of herself and got back on track. She eventually owned that yes, she used to work a job that her dad gave her, but darn it, she was good at that job. She could accept and own that experience as she moved forward. Her job interview made me proud of her.

SWP Ha Ri.jpg

Cici: I also loved how she took a class so she could make the flower arrangement for Hye Jin’s wedding herself. And speaking of the wedding--wasn’t Hye Jin gorgeous? It was cool how they showed just enough of her dress to let us know that she was truly beautiful, while not dwelling on the ceremony. And then there was the reference to the other wedding coming up, that of Han Seol and Joon Woo. They are still soooo cute together, and I loved how she has transformed into this lady who is all about not wasting money on an extravagant ceremony.

Wendilynn: They really did let the whole Most team have happy endings. Even Chief Editor found her Most-esque perfect man. And oh did I giggle over them.


Drama Debussie: I think what I ultimately loved about this show is that it was all about following your happy, and all of the characters did just that. The show also gave us an overwhelming amount of happy for our main couple which they deserved (so did we) and that was what really brought everything home for me. We all knew Sung Joon wouldn’t be able to stay so far away from Hye Jin for so long. When he came back I’ll readily admit I had to pause the episode so I could get all the squeeing out of my system.


Wendilynn: I loved when Sung Joon came back to her. You’re right, we all knew he couldn’t stay away and he was just as adorable when he came back. I really just loved his character. The other thing I loved was that we got to see Hye Jin be her beautiful self without trying to be somebody else's idea of what she should look like. She let her hair be curly, with more style than the frizz she accepted in her early self. She just looked all around happier with herself than we had really seen the whole series.


Cici: I would have to agree with both of you about the overall theme of this show--it was all about following your dream. And the way I’m smiling even as I write this, I would have to say that it accomplished its goal.

As drama endings go, this was a great one.  We had happy stories for everyone and lots of adorable goodness to squeal over.  Can drama fans really ask for more than that.  I know this is has made our re-watch list when we need something to make us smile.  How about you? 

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