Welcome, Drama Clubbers, to deep feelings, realizations, lies, and one whopper of a freak out. Sung Joon struggles to piece together the clues of just who is his childhood friend, but Ha Ri has no desire to lose him. Can he find a balance between what his heart is telling him and what his head thinks it knows? And just where will that leave Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk? Join Drama Debussie, Cici, and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss the most recent episodes of She Was Pretty.

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Drama Debussie: I want to call these episodes fillers but they they were more filled with jealousy, and I love that!! It certainly moves the story along and in the right direction. Which I think we’re doing. I think...I THINK.

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Wendilynn: I wouldn’t call them fillers, but they were filled with lots of yummy feels. with Hye Jin learning that her best guy friend was still the same person she once knew to Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri facing their real feelings, there was a lot going on. And the little side adventure of Joon Woo and Han Seol lost in the country, there were just all sorts of little goodies to enjoy.

Drama Debussie: They were certainly fun episodes. It was absolutely adorable seeing Shin Hyuk bored without Jackson-- I mean, Hye Jin. We kind of knew where those feelings were headed, but you can’t help but to feel conflicted about it all. He’s awesome but we all know where her heart lies. I just found myself screaming at the screen, “No, Shin Hyuk! We don’t want you get hurt.”

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Wendilynn: Yeah, Shin Hyuk is adorable, but he’s also now in the middle. He finally knows all the secrets. And he’s not quite sure what to do about it, though his comments to Ha Ri were good. She really should come clean first if she wants a chance at keeping Sung Joon. But, his heart is already stunned with the nagging suspicion that his intern is the real girl. I think that’s why he lost it so completely over the dress.

Drama Debussie: The way Shin Hyuk just kind of laid out his feeling to Hye Jin is one of the 10,000 reasons I adore him. Just that kind communication is something that it seems EVERYONE is lacking.


Wendilynn: Communication? In a kdrama? What you talkin’ bout Willis? Everyone does seem to want to do things the hard way. But, they are being absolutely adorable in the process. Watching Sung Joon get jealous over Shin Hyuk’s preference for Hye Jin is cute. You can tell he doesn’t want to be jealous. He’s trying to be true to Ha Ri’s version of Hye Jin and yet, he just can’t help it. But it's becoming clear that he and Ha Ri are not a good match.

Drama Debussie: I have to admit that Sung Joon’s life this week was stressing me out! I was starting to think they should’ve called this show He Was Petty. Of course I completely understand it. He’s with the person he thinks is Hye Jin yet he knows something is off. Then he hears the REAL Hye Jin in random places. It’s enough to make anyone go insane! Of course firing her for unintentionally complicating the life he thinks he has control over is a low blow. Come on, Sung Joon. You’re better than that. You went poop diving/badge retrieving for her. You know she deserved better.


Wendilynn: Well, I still think he over-reacted due to the shock of hearing her talk about her frizzy hair and remembering all the other ways she is like his first love. I think if it hadn’t been for the distraction of the torn dress and all the stress that is going into that, he would have pulled her aside and confronted her about her identity. Instead, he just flipped. He was willing to go beg forgiveness later.

Drama Debussie: Ugh, I loved that. He knew he screwed up but I’m about 85% sure that if he didn’t have a work related reason to ask her to come back, we would’ve been stuck with no less than 3 episodes of us just screaming at the screen, “Just ask Hye Jin to come back!”. That’s one less thing I didn’t have to lose my voice for, and I’m forever grateful for that. Now, one thing i wasn’t so grateful for? That bad wig that the crew obviously thought we wouldn’t notice. Woof. That’s another story for another day, though.While out three main characters were trying to complicate their lives a little more, I love that Han Seol’s not-so-complicated plan to seduce her “rich” coworker fell about in the funniest way possible.

Wendilynn: That little side story is too cute. And of course, knowing she’s barking up the wrong tree is part of the charm. I’m pretty sure that Joon Woo has to have a clue by now. Not that she thinks he’s rich, but that she is clearly pursuing him. And how it keeps going oh so wrong. lol

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Drama Debussie: SO WRONG. The thing is those are the moments I love the most, particularly in this show. Yes, it’s horribly embarrassing, but it also tears down that facade that they try to present. All of these characters are best when they let their walls down and allow themselves to truly be seen. Even if it means someone is laughing at their expense. There’s an honesty that I so appreciate

Wendilynn: And in reality, it's when everything is going wrong that you see the real person that you can fall in love with. Although, I don’t know what he finds so cute about her. She’s a sort of awful person but Joon Woo keeps smiling anyway. 

Shin Hyuk is firmly in the middle.  He knows all the secrets.  He knows everyone is going to hurt.  What will he do about the information he's got and can he keep everyone from self-destructing?

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