Welcome everyone to the She Was Pretty Drama Club. Where nobody tells the truth and nobody listens, either. We have first loves, first hates, weirdos, and sweethearts all over this drama. Humor and sentiment and just a little bit of mystery are what await you as you get caught up in our newest obsession. So if you haven’t started it already, come join Cici, Drama Debussie and me, Wendilynn as we talk about the first four episodes of She Was Pretty.

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Drama Debussie: Hello, fellow Drama Clubbers! Welcome to the She Was Pretty Drama Club! Let me just go ahead and say what’s probably on everyone's mind: I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Wendilynn: It is pretty awesome. I love that we have our quirky pair back together after their beautiful chemistry in Kill Me, Heal Me.

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Cici: I loved the chemistry in that show, so that was a major draw. I was so excited to find that Park Seo Joon was getting the first male lead in this show. Plus...SIWON! I knew from the start that I was setting myself up for yet another case of SLS, but oh, it is so worth it. Just like in KMHM, I am already torn between my love for the second male lead and my hopes for the first male lead.

Drama Debussie: From the very beginning, this show has used the first love trope, but in a totally unexpected way. The childhood friendship between Sung Joon and Hye Jin is obviously important and just when we think we we’re getting the big reunion, they turn around and give us a Cyrano de Bergerac plotline. Granted, we can’t really blame her. If everyone was telling you how much you’ve lost your looks over the years and you’re forced to come face to face with your first love who has turned into this statue of a man, you would probably want your supermodel looking best friend to step in for you as well.

Cici: Did you notice that Hye Jin was totally excited about meeting up with Sung Joon until he assumed that the pretty girl on the phone was the one he was supposed to be meeting? I didn’t really understand why she would want her gorgeous best friend to take her place till I went back and re-watched that scene. That simple action must have brought all the years of being reminded that she used to be pretty and talented and popular, but wasn’t any more, to a head. It kind of choked me up.


Wendilynn: I can’t really blame Hye Jin either. Mistaken identity tropes are always fun but heartbreaking at the same time. But I agree, this is a new twist on the childhood first love story. Although, I’m ready to chuck Sung Joon out the window. For a guy who was mistreated by others as a kid, you’d think he’d be more understanding. But he’s mildly horrible. I understand he has a job to do in saving the magazine, but how he’s treating Hye Jin is awful. And I can’t tell if he’s doing it because he really just dislikes her and is an awful person now, or if it’s because she reminds him so much of his real first love and it makes him uncomfortable.

Drama Debussie: You’re right, he’s certainly a strange, beautiful, perfectly coifed individual. It does seem like he’s hot and cold in a very Katy Perry song kind of way. One minute he’s terrifying his staff, a fact that I can only hope to blame on the immense stress from the huge task he has to pull off, and the next he’s running into doors because he’s so immersed in whatever he’s reading. As far as his attitude toward Hye Jin, I’m thinking he sees in her himself when he was younger. He may see the young kid who had low self-esteem and was considered useless to many except Hye Jin. It smells awfully similar to Oh My Ghostess, but we’ll have to watch more to see what exactly is happening there. The cool thing about this show is that all these characters certainly have layers. I mean, Shin Hyuk? He’s one adorable layer after another!

Cici: It is really hard to dislike someone as beautiful as Sung Joon, but all the pseudo-psychological excuses for his behavior are not enough to earn him a pass in my book. If anything, his past should have made him more compassionate. So the only guy I’m actually loving at this moment is Shin Hyuk. His observation skills are savant level, and his physical humor combined with his ability to diffuse uncomfortable situations make him absolutely adorable.

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Cici: I also appreciate the fact that he is slightly scruffy. It keeps me from just focusing on his incredible good looks and missing out on the more important details of his character. And I love the way he calls Hye Jin Jackson because of her white socks and loafers!


Wendilynn: I’m so excited to see Siwon again. Love him. And his character, Shin Hyuk, is a wacky crazy delight. Calling Hye Jin by the nickname Jackson cracks me up every single time. I knew he couldn’t be the bum he was pretending to be. What I do think is interesting though is that he’s the one who realized there was more to Hye Jin than met the eye. He’s refusing to let her rot in management support as a paper pusher.

Drama Debussie: It is certainly fun seeing how quickly he invested in her. Even the way he likes to mess with her never reads as mean. It was always playful and that makes him even easier to love. Si Won has always been great at playing characters that could easily be disregarded as two dimensional characters, but in his hands they certainly come to life. The same could be said for Park Seo Joon. The drama gods have certainly blessed us with great actors playing great characters. Of course, and I may be in the minority here, I have to say my favorite character right now is Ha Ri. She’s beautiful, fun, doesn’t take any crap from a man, and the friendship she has with Hye Jin is stuff #squadgoals are made of.


Wendilynn: Ha Ri sure did surprise me. I thought she was just going to be the ‘pretty girl’ but she has been so much more. Her story is really heartbreaking. When she was sitting in the pool hiding her tears, I wanted to cry with her. You hurt for her so much. But she’s in a very hard position being the fake Hye Jin. She is trying to protect Hye Jin and coming to realize that she missed out on knowing Sung Joon as a kid. He has been there when she needed cheering and that always endears. I agree that our 4 leads are all excellent actors. They give us so much.

Cici: I love the friendship between Hye Jin and Ha Ri! The way Ha Ri stood up for her “wifey” at her birthday party made me stand up and cheer. Friendships like this are such a rare thing in Kdrama land.


Cici: But I am worried about the toll that pretending to be Hye Jin will take on their friendship. I don’t see this ending well...at least, not in the short run. “Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Drama Debussie: Remind me never to masquerade as my best friend because the last thing I would want is to find myself falling for the very guy who is my best friend’s first love. As you mentioned, she is certainly in a tough position. You can see where her issues with men stem from seeing that her father has a hard time prioritizing the women in his life. For the most part, she was always the woman who seemed to choose the men that she could easily dispose of, but now that she meets a guy that she actually respects, he’s technically off limits. Woof.

Cici: Well, in Ha Ri’s defence, Hye Jin really did make a pretty strong statement about never wanting to have anything to do with Sung Joon again. So when he actually treats Ha Ri like a real person instead of a sexy object, it’s no wonder she falls for him. Compared to the shallow pretty boys she usually attracts, he goes way beyond mere eye candy.

Wendilynn: Yes, she does certainly surround herself with a lot of candy. lol It’s usually the guy who is surrounded by bimbos but this time, she’s the one with the bimbos. That makes those scenes funnier to me for some reason. Those guys would be so irritated to know that. lol I love that she and Hye Jin have each other labeled as husband/wife on their phones. That always makes me smile. You have to share a lot of things to be that close.

Drama Debussie: That’s what makes me love their friendship so much. You can tell they’ve been through so much together, and it also makes me believe that no matter how things end up as it pertains to Sung Joon, they’ll still be okay and that both will be happy for the other. That’s kind of special. Let’s be honest, Hye Jin will need Ha Ri while she’s working at The Most because she’ll need all the help she can get! Can someone also remind me never to work at a magazine? It’s work that I’m clearly not cut out for.

Wendilynn: LOL! Me either. Although, let’s give kudos to the actress playing the Department Head. She’s freaking hilarious. Her character is clearly pathetic, but she’s going to own it baby. When she went up the stairs singing opera, I was truly impressed. This actress has pipes. She’s doing such a great job playing a decidedly one dimensional character. And the rest of the team are all quirks themselves. Like the gold digger trying to find herself a rich husband.

Cici: What about the guy who’s always going around with the back scratcher? Ewww...but it would be hilarious if he was the secr... that obviously has to be Shin Hyuk. But it is entertaining to see GoldDigger try to figure it out, and go for the wrong guy.

Drama Debussie: The interoffice shenanigans serve as one of the top three best things about this show, that’s for sure. I can see why everyone loves the Department Head but she’s a little annoying for me. She’s the Jar Jar Binks of the show. Not that the actress playing her isn’t great. The character is obviously someone who went to Italy a few times, learned some words, picked up on a certain accent, and decided they would continue using it when they got home. Who are you, Department Head? Madonna? I’m sure she’ll grow on me but she’s the equivalent of Hwang Jung Eum’s overreactions we’ve been given in the beginning of this show.

Cici: I am so torn. I find her annoying--would someone please get her hair out of her eyes? And tell her to keep her hands off Sung Joon? But she did surprise me when she gave Hye Jin several chances to become more Most-like instead of firing her outright. Maybe she’s not so bad.

Wendilynn: I will be glad when they let the character calm down so she doesn’t have to freak out so much. I always feel sorry for the actresses that have to do that. And Hwang Jung Eum is good at it. It’s annoying and makes you just want to slap the character to get her to calm down. If she stopped freaking out, she’d realize that things aren’t as bad as you think. But then we wouldn’t have much of a story if people weren’t hiding themselves. lol

Drama Debussie: EXACTLY. I think things would be especially awkward if she tried to use a different name while in Sung Joon’s presence, but they avoided that which cut down on unnecessary antics. I think we can all appreciate that. This story could have so easily been more ridiculous than it already is, but they’ve found a great balance which is difficult. They even give Sung Joon moments to show flaws which are important. Watching him walk into doors, drink from flower vases, and pass out after one drink makes me so happy. It proves that deep down, he’s still that kid that Hye Jin knew.

Wendilynn: I love when they let him be adorkable. For all his facial and body perfection, he’s still that goofy kid deep down and I think we are all thankful for that.

Cici: I still have great hopes for him. Now if his personality could just grow up to match his looks...Until then, it’s Shin Hyuk for the win!

4 episodes in and we want to snuggle Siwon and strangle Seo Joon.  What has this show got up its sleeves for us and what do you love best?  Comment below on what has you excited this week? 

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