Just in case we didn't have enough reasons to love Shin Hyuk, we were given more this week. You know, for good measure. 

Drama Debussie: Welp, we’re officially in the home stretch and this week’s episodes should have been called, “Protect the Most!: Part I & II”. Or, “Please Don’t Leave Us, Shin Hyuk!” Both seem to sum up the emotions we were put through.

Cici: Once again Shin Hyuk saves the day.

Wendilynn: I did NOT see that coming. Not at all. I had the Chief Editor pegged as Ten. I thought for sure Shin Hyuk was going to be the new Vice President.

Cici: Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, but there were several hints in previous episodes. When Shin Hyuk was so capable helping Hye Jin write her article, I thought...just maybe...he’s more than a feature writer. I just wish he hadn’t needed to shave the beard in order to reveal himself, lol.

Drama Debussie: Ah yes, the disappearance of the facial hair was definitely a shock to the system since we had all grown to love it as a part of who he is. Although, I have to say the if they were going to give Shin Hyuk a memorable send-off, they certainly accomplished it well. I mean, by him sacrificing his anonymity, he gave the Most staff the greatest gift and that will (and did) give anyone the warm fuzzies inside. More fuzzies than he already gave us throughout this entire show.

Wendilynn: Oh, when that video played at the end and he was saying goodbye. I admit, I was teary. Especially since I felt it was also him saying goodbye to his fans right before his military service, which he has now entered. *sniff sniff*

Cici: Oh, yes. Tears. Maybe sobs. And I kept waiting for him to say something to Hye Jin, and wondered why he left her out. But even during the video, I suspected that what he wanted to say to her was far too personal for him to put it in with everyone else's farewell. I loved the way he surprised her on the street. But I really wanted to know what he whispered in her ear!

Drama Debussie: Right? Don’t leave us hanging, Show! You can’t have him show up (complete with that military haircut) and then leave us with this big mystery of what he whispered to her. Come on!

Cici: While I really appreciated everything about Shin Hyuk, how did you guys feel about Sung Joon in these two episodes? Are you feeling the chemistry between him and Hye Jin? And what do you think about his reaction to Shin Hyuk’s revelation and gift to the company?

Wendilynn: Yes, I am totally buying the chemistry. The friendship and comfortable association that they created on "Kill Me, Heal Me" has translated so well to this story. I really felt like the two people in these scenes really just enjoyed their time together. I could feel the chemistry and when he was trying to get her to stay the night, the nervousness and then her eventual surrender really felt believable. Boy, the voyeur in me really wanted to see more of that kiss before the camera left lol

Drama Debussie: I appreciate that not only did the chemistry seem to get stronger as time went on, but that they have really proven to be this great support system for each other. Further proof that it truly okay for the main couple to get together BEFORE the very last episode, drama writers! I loved the double proposals and the kissing scene in Sung Joon’s apartment, but I particularly loved the conversations they had in where they agreed that Hye Jin should stay in South Korea so that she could take advantage of the amazing job she was offered. She’s spent all this time supporting the dreams of others, it was her turn now.

Cici: I loved that she brought the ring and semi-proposed to Sung Joon first. And yes, I am with both of you in wishing that the scene in his apartment had been just a little longer, but I actually really appreciate it when a drama leaves some of the best scenes up to our imaginations. The combination of heat and warmth is what has convinced me that this couple is meant to be. I'm so happy that Hye Jin will finally get her chance to shine and to make her own dream come true.

Wendilynn: I loved that Sung Joon not only picked up on what was making her excited, but was willing to give up more time with her so she could have that opportunity. He had been missing her and loving her for years. You KNEW how much this was costing him from a selfish standpoint. But he loved her wholeheartedly and trusted that he was never going to lose her. Oh, the feels were awesome in these episodes.

Drama Debussie: The feels were definitely aplenty, especially with our secondary couple, Han Seol and Joon Woo. I know our main couple was our main focus, but seeing those two together made me so happy! I had been screaming at Han Seol to get it together and to see how great of a guy Joon Woo is for who knows how long. Finally seeing her pull it together was a bigger gift than I ever imagined it to be. Honestly, how could she possibly stay away from him when he kept giving her those sad puppy dog looks when she tried to break up with him. A woman is only so strong.

Cici: The growth of the secondary characters in this drama has been so satisfying. Take Ha Ri, for example. She is finally coming in to her own, and doing so through study and hard work. At last she can think of herself as more than Daddy’s little girl or just another pretty face. I was extremely pleased with her growth.

Wendilynn: I agree with you ladies that the secondary characters were also more than just cardboard cutouts. That’s what made this series so good to watch. I’m also glad that Joon Woo got his girl because that was so sad to watch. And we have to be on the lookout for Park Yoo Hwan in the future because he’s just as adorable a crier as his older brother. It was like kicking a puppy, you just don’t do it. You don’t make Joon Woo cry.

Drama Debussie: You don’t. You. Just. Don’t. I appreciated that before we officially knew the fate of Most Magazine, we had a moment (however small it was) where the staff discussed how much it was a fulfillment of a dream to work at Most. It really brought home how high the stakes were, but knowing that that they all got the chance to not only live their dream and but everything into that dream made you feel satisfied no matter how it all panned out. It’s nice to so invested in secondary characters so much that you just want to know that they will ultimately be okay.

Cici: So with only one more episode left, are we all anticipating a ridiculously happy ending? I just wish Shin Hyuk could have his happy romance, but I can accept that he has always liked Hye Jin as a person. Ah, friendship. The eternal fate of the second male lead.

Wendilynn: I know I was rooting for Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk to ultimately get together but I have to admit that I like what the show has done with them. As we move into episode 16, we are set up for a happy ending so far. I don’t see any last minute craziness that could stunt that. Most made it as the #1 in advertising thanks to Ten and people are getting to live out their dream. The only hiccup i can see is if Hye Jin’s author career takes off and she needs to stay in Korea while Sung Joon is stuck in the states…. but, I don’t see Sung Joon allowing himself to be separated from Hye Jin for long.

Drama Debussie: We can only hope. 

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