Umbrellas and smiling onions and American panties. We certainly have a lot to cover this week. Let's go!

Drama Debussie: This week certainly gave us all the feels material we would need to sustain a small, adorable city, didn’t it? Let’s just start with the obvious. Hye Jin is finally starting to grow on me now that she’s not being such a huge ball of anxiety, and thank goodness for that!

Cici: She has calmed down a little, thank goodness. But the true goofball and saving grace for these episodes continues to be Shin Hyuk. I can not express how much i love him, or how hard my heart is breaking for him. Such a sweet, observant guy. And funny? Omo.

Wendilynn: Same here, I’m so glad she is calming down finally. And there is nothing that seems to miss Shin Hyuk’s eye.

Drama Debussie: Observant indeed! I love that Shin Hyuk sees right through situations and people. Not only because he always tends to be the comic relief we need when things get a little too tense, but also because if you’re going to have a partner in crime, he should be it. He’s honestly the best partner in crime EVER. Only he could take a jook run request from Hye Jin to Sung Joon and turn it into a bromantic sleepover. Only him.

Cici: Right? And the bromance didn’t start there, lol. That whole saving-the-puzzle-piece move was hilarious. And so smooth! BTW, did you notice how hard Sung Joon has to try to keep a straight face? I wonder how many retakes it took to get that scene!

Drama Debussie: As much as I love the burgeoning bromance between Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk with all of my cold, dead heart, I have to say that I find myself completely conflicted when it comes to Sung Joon’s interactions with Hye Jin and Ha Ri. His run ins with Hye Jin are usually filled with pratfalls and antics that are understandably annoying for him. Although she truly does provide the warmth and caring that he needs. On the other hand, he’s so adorable with Ha Ri that it’s understandable why she’s falling for him. Of course the big problem is that she’s not who he thinks she is and he’s starting to notice something is off even though she’s become determined to see where things will go with him. Ugh, drama gods, why do you do this to us?!

Cici: I may be in the minority, but I can understand why Ha Ri is having a hard time telling him the truth. She thinks Hye jin is done with him, and she’s hoping that Sung joon is falling for her, not just her name. I’m not saying what she’s doing is right, but I do have to give her credit for at least making an attempt to set things straight. The fact that it never seems to work out must make her wonder if maybe her confession is not meant to be.

Drama Debussie: Maybe not. I will say that no matter what happens with Sung Joon, this certainly will serve as a the example of the relationship she should have with men. As wonderful as Ha Ri is, she had a tendency to be slightly reckless when it came to men. Now she’s learning what it means to truly care for someone and what it looks and feels like. I don’t know about you ladies, but I will be happy to sign up for any relationship that includes singing a great song in the car with an adorable guy. Bad singing and all.

Wendilynn: That scene was adorable. Ha Ri is certainly getting a lesson in responsible relationships that she needed. I like her interactions with both Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk. There are some good things developing here. She was a little snot though to take the puzzle piece. Unfortunately, Shin Hyuk gave her the wrong advice. I was sort of hoping that Shin Hyuk was going to learn both sides of the story, but sadly, that is not to be yet. It sure is confusing Sung Joon.

Cici: I was kind of amazed that he agreed to act the part of her fake fiance in the first place. But I think it shows that he is just basically kind-hearted and up for a little excitement. I wonder if he would have done it if he had known ahead of time that Ha Ri was the girl sitting in for Hye Jin with Sung Joon.

Drama Debussie: I doubt it, but we can certainly see and hear his good intentions. Good advice, wrong situation. Oh, Ha Ri. Just because you like the shoe/Sung Joon doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt you later on because it’s just not a good fit. Can you imagine how even more confusing things would have been if Sung Joon had actually shown up and she introduced Shin Hyuk as her fiance? Whew, more confusion avoided there! Of course, I kinda like the idea of Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri together, but that’s another story for another day.

Wendilynn: Well, the narration that takes place occasionally hints at this being their connection. I loved that they used the shoe as a metaphor for the relationship that doesn’t fit. And just thinking about how confusing and messed up everything would have been if Sung Joon had shown up for that meeting just boggles the mind. In a way, it was a good thing that he saw the accident and flipped out. Did anyone else giggle at Shin Hyuk taking care of sick Sung Joon? That kitchen scene in the morning, with Shin Hyuk in the robe, wiggling his cute little butt making breakfast. I was dying.

Cici: Oh, yeah. I can hardly write right now, I’m laughing so hard.

Wendilynn: Then they have that silly conversation about panties. Now, this slayed me. In English, the ONLY time we call underwear ‘panty’ is if we are referring to girls underwear. So to have these two gorgeous, manly men talking about their own panties. Oh my gosh, these two are awesome the way they play off each other. It's like watching a good comic team.

Cici: Ah, thank goodness for comic relief! ‘Cause that scene with Sung Joon and Hye Jin in the rain was pretty intense. Ah, K-drama, I love how you give us the feels!

Drama Debussie: I appreciate that even after all these years, Hye Jin continues to be Sung Joon’s umbrella. While the rain accident scene had us all torn up in knots, there’s comfort in knowing that while they aren’t necessarily the same people they were when they were kids, the connection they had as children is still very much there. They’re still drawn to each other and it’s something they both need. Fate, I see you working your magic over there.

Wendilynn: I love their chemistry. It's as strong as ever. For him, the memory of her is something he can’t shake and you saw that he wasn’t going to even try once he’d been given that puzzle piece. But, I was also glad to hear that his heart is recognizing the real Hye Jin, even if his head hasn’t clued in yet.

Cici: I love the little clues the writers have included to let us know that Ha Ri isn’t having quite the impact on him that the real Hye Jin would.

Drama Debussie: The feeling is definitely not mutual on Sung Joon’s side, and you can see it’s leaving him conflicted, especially now that feelings for the real Hye Jin are starting to creep into his psyche.

Wendilynn: Conflicted is a good description of this whole episode.

Drama Debussie: Heck, it’s a good word to sum up this whole show so far. Admittedly, that’s the mark of a good show. That and the constant conversing of comfortable panties.

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