Oh, my heart! Bromance, womance, first kisses and fresh starts all combine to make Episodes 12 and 13 some of the best in this already outstanding drama! Join Drama Debussie, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss some of the high points of this week's episodes.

Cici: So the theme for these two episodes has to be, “It’s not over until it’s over.” I love that quote, but why do I get the feeling that it’s just giving all those of us who ship Shin Hyuk with Hye Jin false hope?


Drama Debussie: Unfortunately I’m not on the Shin Hyuk/Hye Jin ship, but I get why so many people are. They are absolutely adorable together and they certainly have the most fun together. Although it certainly reads as more of an annoying oppa/dongsaeng relationship than anything else. It gets trumped by the caring, butterfly-inducing like/love relationship Hye Jin has with Sung Joon, which we got so much of this week!

Wendilynn: Shin Hyuk was a charmer this week for sure. I am ready for Shin Hyuk to move on. I like the brother/sister relationship he has with Hye Jin, but I want him to fall in love too. He would be so adorable if he was with someone who reciprocated. I want to see that. As for Sung Joon and Hye Jin, I was ready for them to be close.

Cici: I think one of Shin Hyuk’s strengths is that he likes a challenge, and doesn’t give up. That scene where he was explaining to Sung Joon why he agreed to return also applied to his feelings for Hye Jin. Her rejection was hard on him, but he’s not giving up yet. I do love the way the romance between Sung Joon and Hye Jin has progressed, but I really need for Shin Hyuk to be happy as well. Bwah! I’m so conflicted!



Drama Debussie: The inner conflict is completely understandable. I loved it when Hye Jin finally (FINALLY!) caught up with Sung Joon so that she could make it clear that she wasn’t running from him/them any longer, but I was blubbering like a schoolgirl who lost her favorite toy when we had to watch Shin Hyuk let her go. You can see how hard it was for him. As the saying goes, if you love something…


Cici: Wahhh! Didn’t she notice he told her it was heads before he even looked at it? That was his way of letting her go without making her feel guilty. Sob.

Wendilynn: I found it interesting that even Shin Hyuk needed some recoup time. He really did have a broken heart which he is now channeling into saving The Most. Which I find very very interesting. If he’s the chairman’s son for The Most, shouldn’t he have been already aware of the state of the magazine?

Cici: Not necessarily. I think the head editor and Sung Joon were the only ones who knew about the potential shut-down from the beginning. But now that cat is out of the bag. And wow, can you blame everyone for being upset with Sung Joon? Trying to take on the full responsibility for the success or failure of the magazine was pretty selfish, if not outright egotistical. I don’t think he even realized how hurtful that was.

Drama Debussie: It’s so easy to forget that Sung Joon has a major issue with trust because he only really lets Hye Jin in and the show has been concentrating on them. The Most staff finding out about how close the magazine is to being shut down was a huge wake-up call. Sung Joon can’t just trust Hye Jin, he needs to put some trust in the others around him, their capabilities, and their loyalties. He’s been running himself ragged, and it’s so painful to watch. Although it was pretty sweet to see Hye Jin support him in the aftermath, making it clear that the last thing that he is is alone in this whole thing.

Wendilynn: I understand the staff feeling betrayed that he didn’t trust them. But he was also right in thinking that many people would jump a sinking ship. I liked finding out that Sung Joon went to each one of them to beg them to return. He spent a lot of time evaluating each person on their strengths and weaknesses so he understands how good they all are.

Cici: One of the underlying themes for this entire drama has been the importance of both trust and teamwork. I have loved the scenes where the editorial team really functions as a team. That time when Assistant Editor Cha had to hand off working with Hye jin to Shin Hyuk was especially cool. And of course it gave Shin Hyuk a chance to really shine, too.


Drama Debussie: Speaking of giving characters moments to shine, Ha Ri is starting to shine, and all on her own. Ha Ri has always been a favorite of mine, even with her questionable choices. Knowing that she’s willing to take the leap of exploring the world without the help of others is not only impressive but brave as hell. I have to say I had this immense amount of pride swell up in me seeing her not only take responsibility for her mistakes, but also restarting her life so that it can start to be her own.

Wendilynn: I love that we got to see her make a really big mistake and then see her journey as she faces that and makes changes to not be in that situation again. So often these dramas don’t let the second female lead be anything other than the mean girl, and I’m so glad this show hasn’t done that. I love that she has been more than a one trick pony.

Cici: I’m with both of you! I also love how the friendship between Hye Jin and Ha Ri is so deep that it survives even her betrayal. Those two just give me so many warm fuzzies!


Drama Debussie: If there’s one thing I love more than a bromance, it’s a womance and these two certainly have one for the record books. Even though we knew they would make it through, Ha Ri’s big lie was certainly the biggest test any one womance can experience. I’m glad they not only got through it, but came out stronger. So strong that Ha Ri was even able to tell Hye Jin to stop running and finally go to Sung Joon. Thank goodness, too. We already have one couple that has the woman playing ridiculous games (Han Seol and Joon Woo), we didn’t need another. Also, we deserved to finally see Hye Jin and Sung Joon together.

Wendilynn: I love it when friendship survives. We don’t get many of those. Usually we see the offending character get ostracized, but instead everyone valued Ha Ri and didn’t abandon her. Even Sung Joon told her that under normal circumstances they would have been friends. Which lets you know that as time passes, everything will normalize with them. The friendship between Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk has me rolling, though. Oh my gosh… *snicker*

Cici: Bwahahaha! The surprise shower scene was one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever...seen. I’m giggling uncontrollably just thinking about it. This is one time when a picture (or five) is worth several thousand words. And this is why everyone loves, loves, loves Siwon in this role.


Wendilynn: Yes, that scene had me rolling. Sung Joon gets so scandalized by Shin Hyuk. It’s hilarious. However, the other awesome scenes were our kisses. Finally. I have to admit I was disappointed by the kiss in the hospital bed. I was expecting more heat because he’d been waiting so long to kiss her and to have her reciprocate. But they gave us the heat at the lake, that made me happy.

Drama Debussie: I’ve been pretty satisfied with the kisses in this show, but that’s likely because I’ve had to accept so many kisses that involve flat lips and no head movement. I’m likely just happy whenever there seems to be any movement at all. There also may be the fact that we were put through so much just to get to the kiss that I was willing to take anything they gave us. I know, my standards are dangerously low. Nevertheless, I was all about the hospital kiss. And the lake kiss. Especially the lake kiss. Even though he basically promised to promise to get married.

Cici: I thought the kiss at the hospital was very gentle and sweet, and I was completely satisfied with it. In fact, any more heat at that time might have seemed a bit creepy. It was their first kiss since childhood, after all. And in a bed!


Cici: Now that lake kiss...ahhhh. Yes. That was worth waiting for. And a bonus back hug!


Wendilynn: Maybe it’s because I know how good a kisser Park Seo Joon is that I always expect more from him. One could argue he was in the hospital from severe fatigue so was giving it his best shot, lol. Of course, the kisses he kept giving her face as she was stuck in the locker was too cute beyond words. I love cute things like that.


Wendilynn: Did you notice the narration in Episode 13 was all about fortune’s balance? For all the strides they were making in their personal lives, it looks like saving The Most is just about to get difficult. I’m thinking that phone call at the end is not good news.

Drama Debussie: Looks that way, but I think it’s all part of what the characters have to do now. The theme for this week was certainly, “It isn’t over until it’s over,” but we also are finally watching them not having the option to run away from things that scare them. They are now having to go through the fire with the hopes of coming out stronger and happier on the other side. It’s going to be tough, but hopefully completely worth it. 

So many feels! Which scenes were your favorites this week? Are you worried about the ominous abandoned cell phone of doom? With only three more episodes to go, are you expecting any surprises? Remember...It's not over until it's over!

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