Three episodes have transpired since the last time we met, and wow, has a lot happened! Join Drama Debussie, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we talk about the twists and turns that led up to the big reveal, forgiveness, redemption, and the tenacity of hope.

Drama Debussie: Another week and a big shift. I don’t know if I was ready for all the things that happened in these episodes, but we were at least able to pace ourselves seeing that an episode was preempted for the baseball game. Yet again, sports interrupts our drama schedule but it turned out to ultimately be the break we needed considering all the new starts the characters were given.

Cici: Well, I was just relieved that the big deal with Ha Ri was finally resolved. How many times can you try to give someone your apology letter, only to have it be delayed? She really did try over and over to explain and end things, but every time Sung Joon had to go somewhere or do something else. By the time he finally figured things out, it was too late for Ha Ri to explain. She was left stammering, and the letter ended up in the trash.


Wendilynn: She did try her best, but that letter was hard to write and I think even harder for Hye Jin to read. I love that Hye Jin loved her friend enough to take her feelings into consideration. Both in waiting for her to tell her what was going on, even though she already knew, and in trying to resolve later feelings as they resumed their rightful places with Sung Joon.

Cici: Even though I have been really frustrated and angry at Ha Ri for her selfishness and inability to do what she knew was right, I was still glad that the friendship survived. It was so touching when Hye jin was trying to take care of Ha Ri, even though she knew she was hiding something.


Cici: BUT . . was anyone else a little irritated at Hye Jin for trying the noble idiocy route? I know she really loves Ha Ri, but trying to give up Sung Joon so she can have a chance with him doesn’t make any kind of sense. And frankly, it was sort of insulting to Sung Joon. Shouldn’t he be the one to make that decision?

Drama Debussie: We kind of knew she would take the noble idiocy route seeing that she’s way too nice and a lot more forgiving than anyone should be. I love that she cherished Ha Ri so much that she wanted to respect her feelings and her process. Although, what about Hye Jin’s feelings and her process? What about Sung Joon’s? The more she tried to push Sung Joon away for the sake of Ha Ri was just getting ridiculous. To him and to us! Ha Ri may genuinely like him, but does her one sided love have to keep you from getting the love you deserve?

Cici: I must say that his final reaction was so sweet. He was clearly frustrated, because he already knew what he wanted, but he ended up complimenting Hye Jin on how nice she had become. He even told her how grateful he was that she hadn’t changed. Considering that she thought she had changed so much that he would no longer want her, that was exactly the right thing to say. That was the clincher for me--that he really was looking at the inner Hye Jin the whole time, and that the whole makeover thing was not necessary for him to fall in love with her all over again.


Wendilynn: As big reveals go, I loved this one. When Sung Joon finally learned that Ha Ri was not his first love, he didn’t scream and get all dramatic. He just rushed to Hye Jin. Hye Jin didn’t scream and yell at Ha Ri. Ha Ri didn’t scream and yell at anyone. And even Shin Hyuk was adorable has he tried to get his feelings out there before the inevitable slammed the door shut on his chance. I’m so tired of the over dramatic explosions when the secrets come out. I really loved this one. My heart just melted all over the place.

Drama Debussie: It would have been so easy for this show to take that moment to separate all the characters for an episode or two while they sort their shock but thank goodness they didn’t. Instead they used as a way to close the chapter on the confusion, and that was closure we needed badly. I also love that they’re even dealing with Shin Hyuk’s feelings. He knows that his romantic affection for Hye Jin is one sided, but he’s putting it all out there. He’s putting in the effort even though it’s all very hopeless. It’s good that he’s getting it out of his system. You have to least try, right? No regrets. That’s the name of the drama game.

Cici: Oh, I still have lingering hope for Shin Hyuk. I’m so conflicted! These three episodes really set Sung Joon up as a great romantic lead. He did an amazing job of explaining why he was such a jerk in the beginning, and his open affection and humor with Hye Jin now more than makes up for the past. But still, my heart is just breaking for Shin Hyuk. His last request had me bawling. I know he’s aware of Hye Jin’s feelings, but his determination to go the whole distance in trying to win her has me rooting for him, too. Ack!


Drama Debussie: I just desperately need them to at least give us some hope something could happen between Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri. Please, writer-nim? PLEASE?!

Cici: I’m not on that ship, and I don’t think it’s gonna sail. It wouldn’t make sense for Shin Hyuk to be so dedicated to Hye Jin, and then dump her for her best friend. Especially knowing as much as he does about her past actions. Nope, sorry, it would make a nice tidy ending, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Wendilynn: Shin Hyuk has stolen our hearts all the way through this series and so to see him get rebuffed hurts. Even though we knew it was coming. I also want him and Ha Ri to have something go on like we got teased in the trailers. We need that now. Also, I found it interesting that once Shin Hyuk got rejected, he went through some depression that he was clearly not used to feeling. That interview scene where the author complains that he was being boring had me rolling. I love Siwon in this. He is adorkable in so many awesome ways that you just can’t help but love him.

Cici: So, I have some questions. Who is Shin Hyuk talking to in English on the phone? Does he have a girlfriend in America? Sister? Bestie? And who do you think is Ten? I’m swaying between crazy ahjumma editor and Shin Hyuk. And when exactly did Sung Joon figure out who the real Hye Jin was?

Wendilynn: My money is on Crazy Editor being Ten. She’s got moments of awesome that keep leaking through.

Cici: I do love how she is so supportive of her editing team. In a pinch, she manages to say all the right things.


Wendilynn: Also, Sung Joon found out who Ha Ri was when he saw her ‘Best Employee of the Month” poster in the hotel he had that meeting in, which was her hotel. Everything sort of fell into place as soon as Ha Ri confirmed that who he was thinking was the real Hye Jin was correct.

Cici: That’s what I thought at first, too, but when he took Hye Jin’s sister out to lunch, he told her she looked exactly like her sister when she was that age. How would he know what Hye Jin looked like when she was young if he hadn’t figured it out already? And that was before the big scene at the hotel. I’m very confused.

Drama Debussie: I’m sure all will come to light soon seeing that secrets are being revealed left and right.

Wendilynn: The little sister is the SPITTING IMAGE of Hye JIn’s younger self. He did know Hye Jin as a young girl. It helps that the same child actress is playing both characters. hehehehe. He didn’t need to know who Hye Jin was as an adult to be able to compare the child Hye Jin to her little sister. The worry was that little sister who mention that Hye JIn worked at Most instead of at the hotel when they met.

Cici: Ah, I get it. Thanks! I have to give the writers credit--I’ve really had to stay on my toes to catch all the relevant details. I appreciate that in a drama. And we’re well over half way through, and I still don’t have a clue how it will all end up. I never trust a drama where the leads get their happily-ever-after so early.

Drama Debussie: And you shouldn’t. Of course, I think we’re in good hands. At least I hope. Oh gosh, do I hope. 

Well, fellow fans, have Shin Hyuk's adorkable antics and tender confessions landed you squarely on Team Shin Hyuk? Or have Sung Joon's  sweet hugs and kisses and supportive ways thrown you over to Team Sung Joon? Have the recent episodes swayed your vote? What were your favorite scenes? And speaking of favorite scenes, what did you think of the bonus red carpet scenes? 


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