For fans of the enchanting romance drama, She Was Pretty, there is no doubt that Park Seo Joon perfectly portrayed the childhood friend who kept his long-lost love in his heart. The new leading man's popularity has risen so quickly and strongly that he has been surprised by his own fandom. Just how irresistible is he? Let's count the ways!

1. We knew Sung Joon was getting the girl!

Throughout the drama, a lot of attention shined on Super Junior's Siwon because of the enigmatic character he played for the last drama before his imminent military duty. In the meantime, Park Seo Joon really held his own as a hot leading man in She Was Pretty. Our Second Lead Syndrome never really knocked down his character Sung Joon from being first place in his love's heart.

2. His brother's wedding ended up like a fan meet.

Because of She Was Pretty's high ratings, Park has seen his popularity rise. However, he didn't quite realize just how popular he was until he was attending his younger brother's wedding. The handsome actor said it felt like a fan meet with many people recognizing him and asking to take photos together. 

He said, "A lot of people came to the point it could not be handled and the situation could not be controlled. I went with the intention to congratulate my brother, but it gave off a kind of fan meeting atmosphere. My parents were a bit taken aback, as well."

3. Fans bought all tickets to his next fan meet within 1 minute of sale!

If Park Seo Joon was surprised by the impromptu fan meet at the wedding, he was probably shocked to learn that all 1,250 tickets to his first fan meet were sold out within one minute of ticket sales. He will be meeting some adoring and lucky fans at the Olympic Theater on December 13.

4. He looked mighty handsome at the recent Grand Bell Awards, where he was nominated for Best New Actor. 

Did you know he is 6'1" tall?

He was nominated for Best New Actor for his movie The Chronicles of Evil. He was among excellent company with Kang Ha Neul (Twenty), Yeo Jin Goo (Shoot Me in the Heart), Lee Hyun Woo (Northern Limit Line), and Lee Min Ho, who won for Gangnam Blues.

5. He can kiss!

Furthermore, check out this behind-the scenes footage of him filming a kiss scene with his leading lady, Hwang Jung Eum, for She Was Pretty. The strong chemistry between the two outstanding actors has continued from their previous collaboration in Kill Me, Heal Me.

You better get used to the attention from fans, Park Seo Joon! Watch him in the finale of She Was Pretty now!

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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