A cute beagle representing the heart of the KLM lost-and-found service has won worldwide love and become the new viral star in the internet universe. Sherlock will doggedly carry out his mission to track and find the owner of a lost cell phone or toy. Although he doesn't work there in real life, people really want KLM to start such a service for real. Here's the now-famous video subbed in English.

Be ready to admire our floppy-eared hero with his fit physique and A+ performance at work.

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When the video was first posted on September 23, it immediately became a viral hit. However, news media such as the Washington Post has debunked the commercial as "not real," and Today even calls the dog a "conman" in its headline, to readers' disappointment, although everyone agrees that Sherlock is really cute and wonderful.

It's just like in K-drama land where the fans know some things are too good to be true, but we choose to enjoy the shows for the experience.

So, let's give a shout-out to the cutest beagle, Sherlock. We want to see him again, whether in another commercial or at a real lost-and-found service.