Former U-KISS member Shin Dong Ho is trending!

Shin Dong Ho may not be an idol anymore, but a great career in fashion could still be in his future. Last month, the 21-year-old and his wife took a photo with matching "couple" outfits and uploaded it on Facebook. Of course, netizens began to take notice to made the photo headline news this year. In the snapshot, the new Mr. and Mrs. Shin cuddled up to one another while wearing gray wool coats, beige turtleneck sweaters, dark skinny jeans, and black and white sneakers.They looked absolutely adorable!

The newlyweds tied the knot on November 28, 2015 at Seoul's Patio Nine after almost two years of dating. In an interview with Daily Sports last year, Shin Dong Ho had this to say about his big step of matrimony: “I have always wanted to get married sooner than later, and I truly love my bride....I think our love is pretty evident if we’ve determined marriage at such a young age.”

Would you like to try this cute couple look with your significant other?

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