Shin Ha Kyun has accepted the titular role of Mr. Baek in the upcoming age reversal drama.

In the drama, Shin Ha Kyun will play Baek Ho, a selfish hotel owner in his 70s who suddenly ages in reverse back to his 30s. He takes a low-level job at his own hotel.

Shin Ha Kyun is best known for his roles in the dramas All About My Romance and Brain, as well as the film Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Given the diversity of the roles he has played, it sounds like he will be able to handle the transformation from the greedy 70-year-old to the 30-year-old really well.

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Kim Nam Gil and Ji Chang Wook were both in talks for the role at one point, but they declined in favor of other projects.

This premise sounds like a combination of A Christmas Carol and Big, so hopefully it will be delightfully heartwarming and romantic. Are you looking forward to this series? It premieres on November 5. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE.