MR. BAEK premieres tomorrow exclusively on DramaFever, and Shin Ha Kyun plays the leading role of a 70-year-old businessman who suddenly ages in reverse. Those who have seen Shin Ha Kyun in dramas like Brain or All about My Romance know what a talented actor he is, but in this drama, he really gets a chance to ham it up for the cameras. As it turns out, Shin is no stranger to being a goofball, as he happens to have an insane amount of odd photo shoot concepts floating around the internet, and we decided to compile them for you! In honor of Mr. Baek's premiere, let's look at 7 of Shin Ha Kyun's wildest photo shoots:

1. This shoot is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

SO many jokes I could make. None of them are appropriate.

2. Practical + Fashionable

Why yes, that IS a good old fashioned accordion headband! How else is he supposed to keep those majestic locks out of his eyes?

3. Baring his heart

What in the what?!? I do not understand.

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4. Who wants to tango?

This picture was cute in an adorkable way until some fashion director was like, "You know what this pic is missing? Polka dot heels!

6. The happiest little hit man

I'm so conflicted! On the one hand, I want to smile because he's smiling, but on the other hand, he's pointing a gun at my face. Why is he so happy to point a gun at my face?

7. It's not easy being green

I think (I HOPE) that this was taken while he was growing out his hair after Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Still, his head looks like an 87-year-old version of the Joker.

And now, to reward you for scrolling through those monstrosities, here are some pics from his  BEST photo shoot concept, which involved adorable baby animals:

I had no idea that I needed this photo of Shin Ha Kyun and a baby hedgehog in my life until I saw it.


Ok,ok, just one more pic for the road, and then I'll stop. No baby animals this time, but I think you'll forgive me...

Even though some of the photo concepts were a little...out of the have to admit that Shin Ha Kyun makes anything look amazing. After all, you can't spell "hunky" without a little Ha Kyun. Which was your favorite? Comment below! If you want to see more of Shin Ha Kyun's antics, check out the extended 6-minute preview for Mr. Baek and sign up for a premiere alert!

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