Stars Yoon Sun Woo and Yang Se Jong are overcome with emotion in this week's episodes of Thirty But Seventeen.

In newly released stills, Kim Hyung Tae (Yoon Sun Woo) is finally reunited with his high school crush Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) after their brief separation. When Seo Ri escaped the hospital during his volunteer medical trip, he has been on a mission to find her. The photos show Hyung Tae hugging Seo Ri tightly, and he seems to be on the verge of tears. She's taken aback by his sudden display of affection and freezes in his embrace. Hyung Tae's backstory is heartwarming. To stay by Seo Ri's side during her coma, we learned that Hyung Tae decided to become a doctor. The fact that her high school friend has remained by her side all this time is sweet, and he probably holds the answers to all the question she has.

Stills of her second hug appears to be mutual as Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) comforts Seo Ri as she cries on his shoulder. She is wearing a hospital gown again, and we can guess that she is dealing with another traumatic experience.

Today and tomorrow, you can find out the story behind these emotional scenes in the next two episodes of Thirty But Seventeen!


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