giordanos13vid2_zpsf8a90e25 Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub got friendly on the set of GIORDANO's Spring campaign, where they were shooting a commercial that will make you weak in the knees. In addition to the commercial, the two were part of an extensive and romantic photo shoot where they played together as a couple, looking sexy in the sand dunes and frolicking in the ocean. Here are some of the stunning photos from the spring campaign: 12004854 16283495o Post matching couple outfits in basic GIORDANO fashion, the two are styled in trendy attire against the backdrop of the sand dunes: 89642278 giordanos13vid4_zpse90ee41f giordanos13vid6_zps51a7ac74 Shifting to a more nautical theme, the actor and actress are photographed with the ocean and boats as the backdrop for the next set of outfits: 89475064 72010787 52410767 37557167 95232720 60827187 Swoon! Which setting is more romantic, the dunes or the water? (Source: