Shin Se Kyung just wrapped up work on the cute series Sensory Couple, but she already has her next project confirmed! The actress will be heading back in time for the historical series Six Flying Dragons, opposite costar Yoo Ah In.

The casting confirmation comes shortly after Baek Jin Hee dropped out of the leading female role, and Shin Se Kyung will be playing Boon Yi, a strong young woman with a powerful sense of justice who falls in love with Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In). The story's central conflict follows Lee Bang Won (who eventually becomes King Taejong) and his power struggle with Jung Do Jeon (Kim Myung Min), a scholar who helped Bang Won's father found Joseon.

This drama will be Shin Se Kyung's third time working in a sageuk with the writers for this series following her roles in both Queen Seon Duk and Tree with Deep Roots. It will also be a reunion with leading man Yoo Ah In, who was her costar in Fashion King.

What do you think of this casting? Do you think this is a good post-Sensory Couple choice for Shin Se Kyung? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Watch Shin Se Kyung's last series, Sensory Couple:

Source: 12