New drama series Liar Game has released initial stills and a teaser video. The drama is a live-action adaptation based on a Japanese manga. Shin Sung Rok plays the host of a dangerous game that traps players into cheating one another's money. Lee Sang Yoon plays the hero who will help Kim So Eun to survive and defeat the game.

Usually we automatically focus the story on the hero and heroine, but when Shin Sung Rok is involved, we can't help but be attracted to this charismatic and talented actor, whether he's playing an evil killer in My Love From Another Star or an adorable heir in Trot Lovers. Liar Game is billed as a "psychological thriller," and Shin Sung Rok gets the juicy role of the mysterious host of the reality game show. Check out the following stills and the teaser video to get an idea of what Shin Sung Rok will be doing to entice us.

First the teaser video:

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In the official poster, Lee Sang Yoo looks to be leading the blindfolded Kim So Eun to safety, but Shin Sung Rok is whispering something into her ear. There is definitely lots of suspense to expect in this compelling image.

In these behind-the-scenes photos, we also see Shin Sung Rok doing some indoor rock climbing. He looks really fit, and we can even detect good-looking abs hidden under the shirt.

The 12-episode series Liar Game will start its run in October.