New drama series Liar Game has confirmed Shin Sung RokLee Sang Yoon, and Kim So Eun as the leads. It should be fun as these three are really likable actors who have appeared in memorable roles in many favorite dramas. To start, Shin Sung Rok was the evil son in My Love From Another Star, but then became the adorable heir in Trot Lovers, What will he be this time?

Liar Game is a live-action adaptation based on the Japanese manga by the same name. The popular manga has already been made into a TV series and a sequel as well as two films in Japan. Th story is about a young innocent college student who gets trapped into playing a dangerous game where people try to cheat and swindle other players' money. 

Kim So Eun gained popularity when she played Gu Hye Sun's good friend in Boys Over Flowers. Although she's taken on more mature roles with excellent performances, I'll always remember her as a cute, fun-loving girl who's loyal to her friend, and so it seems really fitting that she would now move on to play a college student in Liar Game.

Lee Sang Yoon plays the hero with a checkered past. The character is described as a college professor of psychology who is also an experienced conman. He will help our heroine beat the Liar Game at its own game and get money back for the victims. Checkered past or not, my heart melts when I think of Lee Sang Yoon's dimpled smile. Interesting, Lee just came off of Angel Eyes, where he co-starred with Gu Hye Sun.

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Shin Sung Rok plays the Liar Game's host, which sounds like a villainous character. Fans of My Love From Another Star and Trot Lovers have been impressed with the versatile Shin Sung Rok, who's turned out to have a very funny side. Although I'd like to see him take the lead and win the girl in a romance drama, I'm happy to see a good actor keep on getting good roles. Fighting!

The cast also includes Lee Shi Hoo from High School: Love On, who will play a hacker.

The 12-episode series Liar Game will start its run in October. 

(Kim So Eun photo: Onehallyu)