57601-shinee-key-phone-message-rumor Rumors have been swirling that the boys of SHINee were checking messages on their phones while appearing on stage. This got some fans rather perturbed, as they spent good money and wanted the band's full attention. The folks at Midnight TV Entertainment spoke to SHINee and asked them to address the rumor. SHINee then said, "Us? Who would do such a ridiculous thing?" Alas, Midnight TV Entertainment came prepared with evidence, whipping out a photo of Key where it appeared that he was checking his phone. Not so, said Key, who responded: "My mic pack fell in the middle of our dance. It was dangling so I wrapped it and put it in my pocket, and that's when this picture was taken. It's because I look so laid back. I'll be careful from now on." What do you think about bands checking their phones during shows? (Source: www.kpopstarz.com)